Best Successful Korean Drama of 2020

Best Successful Korean Drama

Korean dramas are indeed interesting to watch, the storyline presented is always successful in making the audience drift. In addition, the acting quality of the cast is worthy of thumbs up. It’s no surprise that K-Drama fans are mushrooming everywhere. What are the best Korean dramas of the year?

Throughout 2020, a series of Korean dramas of various genres graced the screen. Some of them managed to get the audience carried away to the real world. Here, the best drakor still has a place in the hearts of fans.

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

The best Korean drama starring Park Seo Jeon and Kim Da Mi has been the talk since it first aired. Itaewon Class was adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name.

Telling about Park Sae Ro Yi’s life journey, he wants to build a restaurant franchise called DanBam. His ambition is based on revenge against his past. During developing the scattered business, he was assisted by several colleagues, one of whom was Jo Yi Seo who served as manager.

Unlike most dramas, Itaewon Class tends to focus on reality stories as they do in the real world. But it’s still peppered with romance that makes the audience gregarie.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist

The best Korean drama is also popular from tvN, telling the story of 5 doctors Ahn Jeong Won, Chae Song Wa, Kim Jun Wan, Lee Ik Joon, and Yang Seok Hyeong. They have been friends since entering medical school in 1999, and continue to work at the same hospital.

Reportedly, Hospital Playlist began filming in early December 2020. Television channel tvN confirmed there was no change of players for the main character. Fans can’t wait for the continuation of the doctor’s story which is sure to go back to shaking the stomach.

The World of the Married

The World of the Married

Infidelity is a very common issue to raise in drama. However, The World of the Married presents a different story from the others, no wonder that many are enthusiastic from start to finish of the episode.

The storyline and acting quality of the cast successfully drained the audience’s emotions. The drama, starring Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, and Han So Hee, has increased its ratings every time it airs.

The drama is built on three themes including relationships, infidelity, and separation. Interestingly, The World of the Married dissected life after the divorce. From here, the audience can judge that women are not always positioned as victims. However, they can also control the steering wheel of their own lives.

The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch

Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch tells the story of Korean emperor Lee Gon who tries to close a parallel door. On the other hand, a detective named Jung Tae Eul tries to protect the woman he loves.

The drama is played by Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, and other supporting artists. The King: Eternal Monarch was written by Kim Eun Sook who previously wrote The Heirs and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Initially, the drama reaped a lot of controversy since the first episode aired. However, this has absolutely no effect on ratings. The love story of a different couple of worlds is always eagerly awaited by fans.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

This best Korean drama “It’s Okay to Not be Okay” is always trending topics on social media, because it tucks into iconic scenes in every scene. In addition, the chemistry between Kim so Hyun and Seo Ye Ji is very intertwined. The growing romance between the two characters invites laughter from the audience.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay tells the story of a medic who is in a psychiatric ward called Moon Gang Tae. In his lifetime, he never felt in love. Until he was reunited with Go Moon Young, a popular children’s story writer with antisocial disorder.

18 Again

18 Again

This romantic fantasy drama tells the story of Hong Dae Yong and Jung Da Jung’s household life on the verge of divorce. When things get worse, the unexpected happens to Hong Dae Yong, returning to the age of 18.

18 Again raises social issues about getting pregnant out of wedlock, as well as presenting the conflict experienced by young couples. The difficulties during raising a child really look like in the real world.

Flower of Evil

Flower Of Evil

The mystery drama also received a high rating, telling the story of Seoul police detective Cha Ji Won married to Baek Hee Song. The couple has a daughter named Baek Eun Ha. Their household is harmonious even though baek hee song’s parents don’t approve of it.

Viewers are curious about the unexpected in every episode, especially after the serial murder case a dozen years ago went viral. Flower of Evil manages to give the plot a truly astounding twist.

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Tale of the Nine Tailed is the first television series to tell the story of a male gumiho, where usually the fox demon is depicted as female. The drama, played by Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Bum, has just aired its final episode on December 3, 2020.

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It tells the story of Lee Yeon, a gumiho whose existence is known by a producer of a mystery television show named Nam Ji Ah. Who would have thought, it turns out that their meeting caused conflict. Although in the end the two got caught up in a romance.

Start Up


The best Korean drama played by Nam Ji Hyuk, Bae Suzy, and Kim Seon Ho also just ended on December 6, 2020. The conflict in Start Up is quite complex, where young people conquer dreams as founders of start-ups, at a time when they are in a love triangle.

The audience is always curious as to who Seo Dal Mi will choose. Not even a few spectators made the stronghold, Han Ji Pyeong’s team and Nam Do San’s team.

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