Airing December 11, JTBC Releases Latest Teaser of Drama ‘Hush’


JTBC has surprisingly released a teaser of the latest Korean drama titled‘Hush’. The drama has been confirmed to premiere on December 11, 2020 in place of the drama‘More Than Friends’.

Hush is a drama adaptation of jeong jin yeong’s novel‘Slience Warning’ which was published in 2018.

Hush’s drama will be played by senior actor Hwang Jung Min and beautiful artist Im Yoona, as well as several supporting actors, such as Son Byung Ho, Park Ho San, Kyung so Jin, Son Byung Ho, Kim Won Hae, Lee Sung Joon, as well as Kim Jae Chul.

The drama is directed by Choi Kyoo Sik, who has previously had success with the drama ‘Let’s Eat 2 & 3’,as well as‘Drinking Solo’. For the writing of the play, it was entrusted to writer Kim Jung Min, who also wrote the play‘Suits’.

Hush Drama Synopsis

JTBC Chanel

The drama ‘Hush’ tells the story of Han Joo Hyeok (Hwang Jung Min) who is a veteran reporter at a newspaper company. His first start as a reporter was to pursue admism, but he is now a reporter who is at odds between idealism and pragmatism.

In addition to the complexity of work problems, she is also faced with the problems of her personal life as a husband and father.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji so (Im Yoona) is a brave internal reporter and is not afraid to say the things he needs to say during a job interview. He began dreaming of becoming a true reporter after meeting Han Joo Hyeok.

Hwang Jung Min’s Comeback Drama After 8 Years

Hwang Jung Min

It will be Hwang Jung Min’s first drama in eight years. Hwang Jung Min is better known as a screen actor, and has appeared in dozens of films. He has only two drama series that he has starred in throughout his career. Hwang Jung Min’s appearance in this latest drama certainly caught the attention of the audience.

Im Yoona’s Comeback Drama After‘The King Loves’ Drama of 2017

Im Yoona

Not only Hwang Jung Min, beautiful artist Im Yoona will also make a comeback with this latest drama. ‘TheKing Loves’ was the last drama he starred in in 2017. It’s no wonder that his emergence, his latest play, became a highly anticipated drama by fans.

Yoona herself was quite successful in starring in a film‘Exit’ with Jo Jung Seok last year. It even became one of the box office films in Korea.

Drama Hush’s Full Info


Here’s the full info on Hush’s drama

  • Title : Hush
  • Genres : Drama, business, life
  • Director : Choi Kyoo Sik
  • Screenwriter : Kim Jung Min
  • Country : South Korea
  • Number of episodes :16 Episodes
  • Airdate : 11 December 2020 – 30 January 2021
  • Airdate : Friday – Saturday At 22.50 KST
  • TV Station: JTBC

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