Not Only ‘Birthcare Center’, It’s 4 New Korean Dramas That Will Air This Month

The Latest Korean Drama To Air This Month

2020 is coming to an end in less than two months. Some of the korean dramas that are airing are coming to an end and are being replaced by the latest Korean drama this month. Call it, birthcare center that aired since November 2, replaces record of youthdrama.

The eight-episode drama, played by Uhm Ji Won, Park Ha Sun, and Choi Ri, tells the story of the condition of the mothers who are in the postnatal care ward. In addition to the Birthcare Center,the four Korean dramas below will also air soon in place of the drama that will end later this month.

Please Don’t Meet Him

Please Don’t Meet Him

Please Don’t Meet Him is a drama about a woman named Seo Ji Sung (Song Ha Yoon) who wants to feel in love, but doesn’t want to fall in love with the wrong man. He inadvertently designed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program named Cho Sang Shin.

Cho Sang Shin has the ability to identify human beings who behave badly. Meanwhile, Jung Kook Hee (Jun) is a firefighter. He is a person who does not use social media in his daily life. Kook Hee became the only person that Cho Sang Shin could not analyze.

The drama will air on November 10 on MBC television station.

Live On

Live On

Live On is a romantic-themed drama about a love story at school of two different main characters. Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin) is a celebrity and public figure from Seo Yeon High School. He decided to join the broadcasting club with a suspicious motive.

Go Eun Tak (Hwang Min Hyun) is the chairman of the broadcasting club. Ho Rang approaches Eun Tak, to find out the identity of a mysterious man trying to uncover the secrets of his past. Although very famous, Ho Rang has only one close friend who he strongly believes in.

The drama is also played by other young actors, namely Noh Jong Hyun, Yang Hye Ji, Yeonwoo and Choi Byung Chan. Live On will air on JTBC on November 17.

Amazing Rumors

Amazing Rumors

The drama, played by Jo Byung Kyoo, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jeong and Yeom Hye Ran, tells the story of an evil spirit hunter who goes down to earth and impersonates a noodle restaurant employee.

Fourth counter it has their own abilities, such as So Moon (Jo Byung Kyoo) with extraordinary physical strength, Do Ha Na (Kim Se Jeong) with psychometric powers and able to accurately detect evil spirits, Ga Mo Tak (Yoon Joon Sang) as the strongest member and leader of the team, and Choo Mae Ok (Yeom Hye Ran) as the team’s healer.

Amazing Rumor drama will be kim se jeong idol comeback drama after I Wanna Hear Your Song in 2019. The drama, which takes on this mystery-supernatural theme, will air on OCN on November 28.



Awaken is the latest Korean drama scheduled to air on November 30 on television station tvN. The crime-mystery drama will raise a mysterious case that took place in a city 28 years ago connected to a similar case today.

Do Jung Woo (Nam Gong Min) is a team leader and has a good reputation and one of the legendary detectives of the special forces in the National Police Agency. Jung Woo is notoriously messy and loves to suck lollipops all day, but secretly keeps a mysterious background.

Jung Woo meets Gong Hye Won (Kim Seol Hyun) a policeman and the best fighter on his team, as well as Jamie (Lee Chung Ah) an FBI agent who returns to Korea but has no recollection of his childhood. Both will help Jung Woo to solve the mysterious case.

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