The Highest Rating Since It First Aired, This Is Why Mr. Queen’s Drama Is Worth Watching

Mr. Queen's drama

Since its premiere on December 12, 2020, The Korean drama Mr. Queen has received a lot of criticism from various circles. From the mention of Veritable Records of the Joseon as a tabloid, to the emergence of fictional characters who are considered to be tarnishing history. More than 700 people reported the series to the Communications Standards Commission, South Korea’s censorship agency.

TvN issued an apology for the incident, and removed inappropriate scenes from the online platform. If there are still characters depicted incorrectly, the prosecution will follow up legally.

Although some scenes cause long-running controversy, the drama, played by Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun, does not lose its loyal audience. Since its first release, Mr. Queen has received a fantastic rating of 11.8%. According to some media research, the figure is recorded as the highest nationally.

Why Mr. Queen’s Drama Remains Worth Watching

In addition to carrying the genre of comedy history that successfully shakes the stomach of the audience, this is why Mr. Queen became a must-see.

  1. Starring Famous Artists

The drama stars Kim Jung Hyun as the king of Cheoljong. Previously, this handsome actor appeared in several dramas such as School 2017 (2017), Welcome to Waikiki (2018), Time (2018), and Crush Landing on You (2019).

Kim Jung Hyun is paired with Shin Hye Sun, who plays queen Cheorin. The multitalented actress also starred in the dramas Stranger (2017), Still 17 (2018), and Last Angel Mission: Love (2019).

These actors and actresses have something in common, namely having capable acting talents and varied roles. The audience was also curious about the iconic characters especially those that will be displayed by their favorite idols.

2. Full of Hilarious and Entertaining Scenes

Mr. Queen tells the story of a cook, Jang Bong Hwan from modern times whose soul is trapped in the body of the queen of the Juseon Dynasty. While looking for a way to return home, he had to adapt to the life of the royal era. He met king Cheoljong and Empress Sunwon.

The drama has a mix of history, fantasy, and comedy genres that feature entertaining storylines. From waking up as Queen Cheorin, to a wedding ceremony with the King, it’s all peppered with hilarious scenes provoking laughter.

3. Hard-to-Guess Storyline

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The play is set in the Joseon Dynasty, where King Cheoljong and Queen Cheorin were indeed there at the time. However, the production confirmed that Mr. Queen was airing a creative fiction story.

Besides presenting the comedy element, the audience will not get bored because the storyline is very difficult to guess. The conflict between the main actors can be felt from the beginning. King Cheoljong’s past remains a mystery, and the fall of Queen Cheorin in the lake led to several conflicts.

The audience is also made to wonder whether the cook can return to his original body, or instead blend in with the Queen. What would it be like if in the end the cook had to remain involved in royal politics?

4. Featuring South Korean Cuisine

Korean drama Mr. Queen

Despite exchanging bodies with the Queen of the Joseon Dynasty, Jang Bong Hwan did not lose his ability. This condition was used to conquer the queen’s heart. He begins by challenging Man Bok, the royal cook. His expertise was recognized after successfully making Samyang three flavors.

The process of cooking until a beautiful presentation is shown to the audience. Similarly, when presenting gulama fish to the Empress, Queen Cheorin explained the details of her steps. Anyone who watches must be holding back hunger.

5. Spiced Action Action

The drama, which has a royal theme, would not be complete without action. Behind the quiet attitude, it turns out that King Cheoljong has a knack for martial arts. In addition, he also has special forces to help him during secret missions.

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In one of the episodes, special forces carry out a mission to find the kidnapped palace’s dayang. The rescue scene is full of action that makes the heart crack. In another episode, Queen Cheorin also confronts a mysterious intruder with a face covering.

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