Treaser Kocak Drama Mr. Queen Re-Released, Viewers Increasingly Curious

Mr. Queen's Drama

Mr. Queen’s latest drama will air on December 12. TvN television station released a hilarious teaser featuring Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun. In the short video, there is a comedy element that invites laughter from the audience.

K-Drama fans are curious, because this drama presents acting, editing, backsound different from the historical genre in general. While waiting for Mr. Quean to air, check out the synopsis and player profile below.

Synopsis of Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen tells the story of juseon dynasty queen Kim So Yong played by Shin Hye Sun. However, the soul inside the queen’s body is Jang Bong Hwan attacking the chef of the President of Korea, Cheongwadae, Blue House.

On the other hand, a king named Cheol Jong played by Kim Jung Hyun keeps many secrets. He is known as a very weak leader. In fact, he has a strong side, but is not noticed by many people.

No less interesting character is Queen Sungwon, wife of the late King Sunjo. The kingdom was fully recognized by him, so King Cheol Jong seemed to act like a puppet. The conflict intensified when Queen Sungwon’s younger brother, Kim Jwa Geun, had ambitions to take over the throne.

Mr. Queen’s Player Profile

Here are the actors and actresses who participated in Mr. Queen’s play.

1. Kim Jung Hyun

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Handsome actor Kim Jung Hyun plays king Cheol Jang who has a meek heart. He took control of his mother, and his ability as a leader was underestimated. It turns out that behind his nature, he kept a big secret.

This man, born on April 5, 1990, was previously famous through the drama Crash Landing on You. She made her acting debut with the film Overman, which premiered at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival.

His acting talent is undoubtedly, because Kim Jung Hyun is recorded as a graduate of the Acting Department of the National Art University of Korea. Dramas starring him include Don’t Dare to Dream, Rabel: Thief Who Stole the People, School 2017, Welcome to Waikiki, and Time.

His name has been included in various nonimasi in several award shows since 2016. One of the nominations won was the MBC Drama Award 2017 for Best New Actor.

2. Shin Hye Sun

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Eccentric queen Kim So Yong is played by Shin Hye Sun. No one knows if the queen’s body is not her, but the soul of a Chef President.

The 31-year-old made her rich screen debut in 2012, playing a supporting character in the 2013 drama School. Subsequently, still a supporting figure, he joined Oh My Gost and She Was Pretty.

Despite playing a small character, the audience always remembers him for having an iconic role. Her name has become increasingly popular since starring in the dramas Hymn of Death and Thirty but Seventeen. She even made the list of top 30 Korean actors and actresses.

Shin Hye Sun successfully portrayed approximately 12 draama titles with different characters. His acting skills always manage to hypnotize the audience. The drama My Golden Life Has increased its rating by 40% also thanks to him. He played the protagonist very well.

In addition to appearing in the drama, the actress briefly portrayed the main character in the film A Day. The film received rave reviews at the box office. Shin Hye Sun also appeared in Jung Yup’s Curious ft music video titled What Women Want.

3. Bae Jong Ok

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The ambitious Queen Mother character is perfectly suited to be played by Bae Jong Ok. The veteran actress often plays the antagonist. The dream of a successful role makes the audience furious. In this latest drama, she is cast as Queen Sungwon.

Bae Jong Ok first became active in entertainment in 1985, and was recruited by the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) as a television actress. During her career, the 56-year-old completed a doctorate at Korea University. His thesis raised the case about the production crew and nitizen reactions.

In addition, he has also taught as a visiting professor in Theater and film studies at Chung Ang University since 2013. Bae Jung Ok married a pilot in 1994, but divorced in 1996. The marriage was married to a daughter named Park Chae Eun who is currently studying in America.

Popular dramas starring her include Pure Pumkin Flower, Wonderful Mama, The Winter and the Wind Blows, Unknown Woman, Graceful Family, Innocene, and many more.

4. Kim Tae Woo

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Kim Tae Woo plays Queen Sungwon’s younger brother, Kim Jwa Geum, who has ambitions to become king.

The actor, best known for the blockbuster Film Joint Securuty Area, made his debut in 2006. After becoming popular through the film, she became increasingly popular after portraying the main characters of the films Women is the Future Man, Woman on the Beach, and Like You Know.

Before his debut as an actor, he was briefly active in theater and musical rama. His acting skills aren’t bad. Kim Tae Woo starred in different dream dramas, The Tale of Nokdu, The Spies Who Loved Me, and many more.

During his career Kim Tae has won awards including KBS Drama 1998: Best New Actor, Golden Cinematography Awards 2001: Best New Actor, SBS Drama Awards 2002: Exellence Awards, Actor in a Drama Series, Busan Film Critical Awards 2006: Best Suporting Actor, and KBS Drama Awards 2015: Excellence Awards, Actor in Drama Series.

It was Mr. Queen’s synopsis and profile that surely made the audience even more impatient to watch. The drama directed by Yun Seong Suk will replace Slor Star Up.

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