Park Shin Hye’s Latest Drama Sisyphus: The Myth

Park Shin Hye's Latest Drama Sisyphus: The Myth

In early 2021, you no longer need to be confused about choosing which drama from beautiful actress Park Shin Hye you should watch on Korean TV. Shin Hye recently starred in a drama titled Sisyphus: The Myth which debuted on February 17, 2021.

Although the play is a drama that is just debuting, ratings from its audience show promising results. The rating of the debut drama titled Sisyphus: The Myth was 5.6.

Sisyphus Drama Review: The Myth Of Park Shin Hye

Sisyphus Drama Teaser: The Myth Of Park Shin Hye

The drama tells the story of a machine technician named Han Tae Sul starring Cho Seung Woo. He is a genius who is able to reveal about the existence of hidden creatures. The creature secretly inhabits the human world. To carry out his mission, Han Tae Sul will be with Kang Seo Hae played by Park Shin Hye in each of his adventures.

Park Shin Hye is no longer a new name in the Korean drama industry. Her name began to soar in Indonesia when she starred in the Korean drama ‘You are Beautiful in 2009. It is not a drama that Park Shin Hye lakoni, the actress’s first drama was ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in 2003.

The actress, born on February 18, 1990, is not only working in the world of acting. Shin Hye also briefly became a singer in several soundtrack songs of the drama she played. The songs he sang such as “Without Words” managed to make the audience of you are Beautiful touched.

Park Shin Hye’s Filmography Before in Sisyphus: The Myth

Park Shin Hye Before in Sisyphus Drama: The Myth
Park Shin Hye’s Filmography Before in Sisyphus: The Myth

Park Shin Hye is a popular and talented actress. It’s no surprise that Shin Hye has many fans from different countries. Her acting in several plays was also excellent and managed to lead the drama to success. If you want to find out what dramas Park Shin hye stars in, here we present a list of the 4 best dramas starring her.

1. Had a Role as Her Male Twin in You are Beautiful

This drama is very much in the hearts of the audience. Telling the story of a nun who has to take her twin’s place to sing in a band really changes Ko Mi Nyeo’s life. He pretends to be Ko Mi Nam and disguises himself as a man.

Ko Mi Nyeo’s life is very winding in the band. He was even hated by A.N Gel fans who wanted to kill Ko Mi Nam. There is also a love story between the members and Ko Mi Nyeo who chose to leave the band A.N Gel.

Park Shin Hye starred in the drama alongside Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, and Hong Ki-Lee.

2. Former Music Player at Heartstrings

If in the previous drama You are Beautiful Shin Hye had to reject Jung Yong Hwa, in this drama they would be a perfect match. Heartstrings began its release in 2011 with 15 episodes.

The charming Jung Yong Hwa looks very well matched with the beautiful Park Shin Hye. Both are able to create a very beautiful and full of fun and fun. The closeness of the two stems from a very unexpected feud and a musical war. Jung Yong Hwa with modern music and Shin Hye playing traditional music.

3. Park Shin Hye Stars opposite Lee Min Ho in The Heirs

The actress, born in 1990, has also played a drama by director Kang Shin Hyo titled The Heirs. The drama also has a lot of fans because of the strength of the performer’s acting and also the good story. The audience seems unwilling to get off the screen and is always curious about the continuation of the story.

In this drama, Shin Hye plays alongside the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho who is very successful in Indonesia. The collaboration of the two equally great actors managed to bring the film to the prima donna in the Korean drama industry.

The drama The Heirs tells the story of a woman named Cha Eun Woo who fared badly while going to America. Even so, Cha Eun is lucky to be very lucky to meet Kim Tan. Gradually Cha Eun Woo and Kim Tan begin to feel there are seeds of love between the two, but unfortunately all does not go smoothly. Their love story still has to be hindered by the blessing of the family and the third person.

4. Success in The Doctors Drama

The Doctors is a drama about a woman named Yoo Hye Jung. Park Shin Hye played the lead role with her co-star Kim Rae Won starring in the role of Hong Ji Hong. Yoo Hye Jung is a woman who had such a small childhood and Hong Ji Hong is a teacher who always helps her in difficult circumstances.

The story begins when Yoo Hye Jung does not know that Hong Ji Hong is not only a teacher, but also a doctor at a well-known hospital.

Yoo Hye Jung had a more bleak time when her grandmother died. He is increasingly enterprising and passionate in his work and learning. Until one day, fate brought him together with the teacher who used to help him. The genre of this drama is romance. With a famous director named Oh Choong Hwan. The number of episodes of the drama is 16 episodes.

Optimist Park Shin Hye’s Latest Drama Achieves Success

Park Shin Hye's Latest Drama
Optimist Park Shin Hye’s Latest Drama Achieves Success

Those are the 4 Korean dramas that Park Shin Hye once starred in and were quite successful in their release. If you want to watch these dramas, you can watch them on your existing streaming platform.

Nowadays there are many choices of streaming platforms such as Viu that you can choose from. For those who fancied this actress, let’s support with the beautiful Park Shin Hye to succeed with the latest drama Sisyphus: The Myth in 2021 until the end of its airing.

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