Snowdrop Drama Accused of Historical Distortion, Sponsors Begin To Pull Themselves

Snowdrop Accused of Historical Distortion, Sponsors Begin To Pull Themselves

Some sponsors pulled out of the Drama Snowdrop after the Korean drama was again accused of distorting history and eventually got a new petition. One of them is Nut’s Shake which is under the auspices of P&J Group.

As reported by Sports Chosun through Naver on Monday (20/12/2021) local time, Nut’s Shake became the first brand to withdraw from the drama Snowdrop.

“We became sponsors of the project without knowing the contents because we were told that it would have good publicity,” said P&J Group CEO Jeong Kyung Hwan.

He continued that his party could not examine more details related to the controversy discussed by netizens because they had not watched the drama.

“After it aired, we asked to release our sponsors and they have confirmed to remove our names from the third episode.”

Nut’s Shake’s move to withdraw from the snowdrop drama was also followed by rice cake companies Ssarijai and Heungil Furniture.

“After watching the first episode of Snowdrop, we also think viewers may be concerned about the historical controversy in the drama,” Ssarijai said in a statement.

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“So we ask the drama team to stop our sponsors and products from appearing from the third episode.”

Before some of those sponsors withdrew, a new petition appeared and was addressed to the Blue House to cancel the airing of the new drama.

As reported by Busan Ilbo through Naver on Sunday (12/19/2021), this new petition was filed because the drama disdilled history. Just like the petitions made earlier.

The petition alludes to the female lead who mistakenly saved spies from the pro-democracy movement. The spy is the male lead in the drama Snowdrop.

The drama tells the story of Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a graduate student of one of the prestigious universities that originated in Germany and kept many secrets. The bloodied Su Ho suddenly ran towards the girls’ dormitory.

There, she meets Eun Young Ro(BLACKPINK’s Jisoo),an English literature student from Hosu Women’s University.

Young Ro then helps Su Ho hide and treats his wounds. At the same time, Young Ro also has to hide it from Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah), who is the supervisor of the dormitory.

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