Dua Lipa Dated Amid Jack Harlow Rumors

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is one of the most beautiful singers right now. The music star has wowed people in every big city, and now she’s having the time of her life because so many men can’t get enough of her. People have paid a lot of attention to what she wears on and off tour, but her love life might be more interesting. Since she became well-known, Dua has been with a few men. Because of this, it has been easy for her to make a living singing about love and heartbreak. Recently, there have been a lot of big stories about Dua Lipa dating rumors. The singer of “One Kiss” is reportedly seeing Jack Harlow right now. But keep reading to find out who Dua Lipa has been with in the past.

Dua Lipa Dated Isaac Carew

Isaac Carew was the first person who was linked to Dua after she became well-known. Dua dated the model and chef for almost five years, but they broke up a few times during that time. Even though they sometimes went to big events together, they were often seen together. They were seen at the Met Gala in May 2019. But that same month, they finally broke up, even though none of them said anything about it.

Dua Lipa And Paul Klein

Between her relationships with Isaac and Paul Klein, it was said that Dua was with Paul Klein. It is said that Dua and the singer dated for five months in 2017. It’s one of her shorter relationships, which is a shame. Paul, on the other hand, said that their breakup hurt him a lot because he had never loved anyone as much as he loved Dua.

Dua’s relationship with Anwar Hadid is without a doubt the one that has brought her the most attention. But they were only together for a little over two years. Dua and Anwar were used to showing off their love for each other in public, which was different from her other relationships. They posted cute photos of themselves on social media and went to events and on trips together. This was because Anwar came from a family with a lot of power. The couple officially broke up in December 2021, which was a sad day for everyone.

Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Dated Amid Jack Harlow Rumors
Dua Lipa Dated Amid Jack Harlow

Soon after she was seen kissing Trevor Noah, it was said that the New Rules singer was going out with Jack Harlow. The 27-year-old and the rapper both went to the Variety Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles, which is where the news came out. Page Six found that they have been talking to each other constantly since the event in November 2022. The source says that Jack really wants to do something romantic with Dua Lipa. Jack Harlow, who is 24 years old, put a song called “Dua Lipa” on his second album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, which came out earlier this year.

Because of this, it wasn’t a big surprise to hear that he likes the singer. Before the song came out in May, it was said that Jack Harlow Facetimed Dua to see if she liked it. He was lucky that she gave him her blessings. We still don’t know who Dua Lipa is dating at the moment. But in time, the news will come out about who she is with.

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