ELF, Kyuhyun Super Junior Ready to Release New Song!

Kyuhyun Super Junior Ready to Release New Song

Kyuhyun Super Junior is preparing to release a new single, early 2021 is the right time to release the song. He who has started this project from last year, is optimistic that his latest single will start a success this year. Kyuhyun is very enthusiastic to tell everything related to the release of the latest song.

This song or single is one of his solo works outside of Kyuhyun’s project with Super Junior, because he does not want to miss a little time to exist in this world of music. Kyuhyun Super Junior tried to hone his singing skills solo, and now it has been proven by the release of several singles from the project he has been doing since 2020.

Now, Kyuhyun continues his project to start the year so that he will be busy again with Super Junior activities later. It is hoped that Kyuhyun can complete this project, until it is completed and perfect. Without having to take up his role in The Super Junior Group later, it is expected that the completion of his solo project will coincide with the start of Super Junior into the music realm again.

Songs 2021 Project: Season

Teaser Project: Season Released Thursday (21/01)

For fans of Kyuhyun Super Junior, surely know for his latest project that has been since last year. The songs on this album include Dreaming which became the first single from this project which was released since July 2020.

The song tells about the message that for people who are dreaming, and gives an excuse to someone who can continue to dream in life. It will be a summer song in 2020.

Then, following the daystar song that became the second single from the project Kyuhyun Super Junior, which was released in the final quarter of 2020 in October. This second song is a traditional Korean ballad, using guitar and piano instruments.

Meanwhile, for lyrics or poems by Seo Ji Eun that tells about the difficulty of reaching someone’s love. In this second song, the music video becomes an autumn song with the performance of actor Yoo Yeon-Seok.

Furthermore, it continues with the third or latest single titled Moving On. Why is it called 2021 project, because this is the project he created until 2021.

This is SM Entertainment’s latest project, to be completed by the time it enters 2021. No further notice of how much this project can produce singles and songs. Also, it is not yet certain when Kyuhyun will release his next song.

Kyuhyun Super Junior Confirms New Single Will Be Released

Kyuhyun Super Junior Confirms New Single Will Be Released
Kyuhyun Super Junior Confirms New Single Will Be Released

As previously informed, that Kyuhyun Super Junior will release his latest online single in the first month of early 2021. Kyuhyun has also announced that the song or single that will be released is titled Moving On.

This melody is the latest version of a remake of a song of the same name, a song by singer and songwriter Hong Seok-min in 2015. It is also the third single from the 2021 Project: Season project, which begins in mid-2020.

The melody is full of these emotions and sorrows, a beautiful roar of Kyuhyun’s melodious voice. He sings with great fanness in the song. So, it sounds both rhythm and poetry sounded unified and very touching. Kyuhyun Super Junior tried to start releasing a teaser image through a social media account owned by Super Junior, with the song expected to be released next Tuesday (26/01).

The songwriter, also includes several other songwriters in the program. that is, for the songs Aewol-ri and Dreaming. In fact, for some of Kyuhyun’s previous solo singles. All singles that have come out, although still relatively new and still in the form of single songs but have been able to achieve success.

Kyuhyun Super Junior and His Group

ELF, Kyuhyun Super Junior and His Group
Kyuhyun Super Junior and His Group

For loyal fans of Korean boy band Super Junior who will make a new album, who is not familiar with Kyuhyun. One of the personnel from Super Junior can’t stop working. It still exists in the music world even though the Kpop group is taking a short break.

Didn’t mean to disband. But the boy band Kyuhyun Super Junior form is indeed trying to re-gather energy to prepare for the new Super Junior.

Therefore, based on his current condition, Kyuhyun tries to go through his musical activities solo without his group first. As already seen, in the end Kyuhyun Super Junior remained successful with his solo career.

It has been proven that there are no obstacles and reasons for him to stop working even if he is not with his partner. However, that’s not everything because Super Junior will appear and exist again. This means that Kyuhyun will be back together with his solid team.

So, do not worry for Kpop Super Junior lovers who have longed for their appearance, especially Kyuhyun soon you will be able to enjoy the attractive look of this popular Kpop. If the group is back in existence, perhaps Kyuhyun will share his two concerns for the music world.

Because, he has managed to enter the solo singing arena which certainly will not be able to stop if it is successful. Hopefully Kyuhyun can do two different things at the same time, and his loyal fans will hope that his independent work does not make him separated from his group will certainly make many fans disappointed if it happens.

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