FNC Contract Extension, N.Flying Prepares New Album

After Extending Contract With FNC, N.Flying Prepares New Album

N.Flying had its last appearance in 2017 at FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN-Midnight Circus which amazed fans. Finally, Band N.Flying is rumored to be extending their cooperation contract with FNC Entertaiment, the agency that has been overshadowing them for the past 6 years as well as boyband SF9. This was revealed by the official FNC agency on Friday (19/02) morning.

“Through a deep sense of loyalty from the artists confirmed with the agency, N.Flying has renewed their exclusive contract. We plan to support N.Flying unconditionally so that they can continue their active promotion.” The agency’s official said.

N.Flying Will Have New Members?

N.Flying Will Have New Members?
N.Flying Will Have New Members?

In the statement, the official agency FNC Entertaiment was ready to support the band. In addition to news of their contract extension with FNC Entertaiment agency, the 5-member band is rumored to have a new member.

The rock band originally consisted of Lee-Seung-hyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jae-hyun, Yoo Hwe-seung and Kwon Kwang Jin. However, due to fans’ demands due to the many allegations against Kwang Jin, in December 2018, Kwon Kwang Jin declared himself out of N.Flying.

However, the vacancy from the position left by Kwon Kwang Jin did not last long. On Wednesday (01/01), the agency FNC Entertaiment announced that Seo Dong Sung was confirmed as an N.Flying personnel.

In the band, Lee-Seung-hyub acted as a rhythm guitarist, vocalist and rapper and Cha Hun acted as lead guitarist as well as vocalist. Kim Jae-hyun plays the drummer,Yoo Hwe-seung plays the lead vocalist and Seo Dong Sung plays a bassist or bassist.

Meet N.Flying’s New Member Seo Dong Sung

Before joining N.Flying, Seo Dong Sung was a member of honeyst band. The group officially disbanded in 2019 after 2 years of working in music.

For football from N.Flying, the band has been active since 2013 until now. The name N.Flying comes from the word‘New’ and the word‘Flying’. Another name is‘New Wings’or‘New Escape’. The words come from English.

For their fansclub name – N.Fia – the name is a combination of the N.Flying Band name and the word ‘Utopia’, which if that means will have meaning: N.Flying with the fans will fly together towards the perfection of their ideal music.

Famous Pop Rock Band

Famous Pop Rock Band
Famous Pop Rock Band

N.Flying is a South Korean rock, pop, rock and alternative rock band. And for the discography of this band, there are already 2 types of albums, namely MINI albums and singlealbums. Then there are singles,collaborations and music videos.

On the first MINI album titled‘Awesome’ there are 5 songs. Namely One N Only, Awesome, Heartbreak, All In,and 1 Minute. On N.Flying’s second album titled‘THE REAL: N.Flying’. There are 6 songs, some of which are: Let’s Get Down To It, The Real, and R U Ready. N.Flying has one single album titled‘Lonely’with 3 songs. One of his songs is titled Knock Knock. The first song released in 2013 – Basket – peaked at number two on the Japanese Indies Oricon weekly chart.

In 2015, Lee Seung-hyub or L.Don. Once collaborated with Jimin to sing a song called‘God’. The song peaked at number 38 in Korea, with total sales reaching 65,255+.

In addition to being famous from the realm of sound, the personnel of N.Flying Band are also famous for having played several movie titles. In 2014, Kim Jae-hyun played Park Hong-gu in SBS’s Modern Farmer. And in 2016, Kim Jae-hyun returned as an actor in MBC’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.

In the same year, Lee Seung-hyub also became an actor in the film titled Entertainer. He played a Cameo in the 16th episode of the film. Several N.Flying personnel, Lee Seung-hyub and Cha Hun, were also cast in several music videos. That is, which was released in 2013, 2015 and 2017. One of the titles of the song is Prety.

Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums
Upcoming Albums

The band N.Flying has also performed frequently on various Korean shows as well as in regions other than Korea. 2015 was the year with the most populous schedule. There are 7 concerts in Korea and outside Korea that must be attended by this band. Some of these events include: FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN, N.Flying End Year Party, Asia Music Network and Kpop Jeju Festival.

With these achievements, many awards and nominations have been achieved by this band from South Korea. One of them was at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2017. N.Flying won The Best 3 New Artists (Asia).

After extending the contract period with FNC Entertaiment. The band N.Flying will also soon release a new album by the leader team. Lee Seung-hyub or L.Don on February 22.

The soon-to-be-released album is titled ‘On the Track’. And now this 5-member band is busy preparing for the implementation of their song which will take place in the next few days.

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