Extraordinary You Save Many Reasons To Rewatch Korean Drama Lovers

Extraordinary You

In recent years, south Korean drama has spread its wings to foreign countries, including Indonesia. This drama from Ginseng Country is in high demand because of the quality and uniqueness of the storyline which is sometimes difficult for the audience to guess. Not infrequently, these dramas lift stories from webtoons or popular manga. One of them is a drama called Extraordinary You played by young Korean stars.

Extraordinary You is a drama based on the story titled July Found by Chance by Moo Ryu which is known to be first published on the webtoon in January 2018. The drama, which premiered in October 2019, features a genre of romantic fantasy that makes viewers curious in each episode.

Extraordinary You themed school drama with episodes long enough for the size of a Korean drama, which is about 32 episodes. July Found by Chance was raised to drakor because of the uniqueness of the story that turned out to attract drama lovers.

Behind its success, it turns out that Extraordinary You holds many reasons to be rewatched by Korean drama lovers. Anything? Here’s a full review.

Studded with talented and alluring young stars

Oficial Trailer Extraordinary You

The cast in this drama series is considered young artists who are on the rise in South Korea. Like for example, Kim Hye Yoon who plays Dan Oh. Previously, Hye Yoon was popular with Yeo Seo’s character in the Korean drama Sky Castle. While the male lead of Extraordinary You is Ro Woon SF9 as Haru, one of the Kpop idols who also successfully penetrated the acting world.

If you’re a lover of the A-Teen webseries, then it’s definitely excited to see Lee Na Eun’s acting as Yeo Joo Da in the series. In addition, there is also Lee Jae Wook who plays Baek Kyung. Previously, Lee Jae Wook briefly stole the limelight in the drama Search: WWW. There is also senior artist Eom Hyo Seop as Dan’s father oh as well as his future besannya aka Baek Kyung’s father starring Choi Jin Ho.

Extraordinary You storyline is hard to guess

Korean Drama Extraordinary You
Extraordinary You present a unique and unpredictable story

For those of you who have read extraordinary you webtoon version must be familiar with the storyline presented. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel the need to re-watch the play anymore. There are several adaptations and visuals that are certainly much more interesting to watch in each episode.

Many judges, the storyline in this Korean drama is made so slick that the audience will have trouble guessing the feelings and identity of each character. For example, baek kyung and haru often seem confused by their feelings towards Dan Oh. This is what finally made fans curious about their romance.

Extraordinary You directed by Kim Sang Hyub

Korean drama school children
Directed by a well-known South Korean director

If you’re a lover of Korean drama, it’s no stranger to the name Kim Sang Hyub. He is best known as one of the best-known directors behind the play. His career in the South Korean entertainment industry is unquestionable.

Over the past decade, The Hyub has proven his expertise in presenting romantic dramas, such as Cinderella Man and The King in Love. The cinematography technique presented is always able to captivate the audience.

Extraordinary You have changed the title four times

Extraordinary You
Extraordinary You is the title chosen ahead of the show

Who would have thought, before titled Extraordinary You, this one drakor turned out to have three temporary titles. Starting from Ha Roo by Chance, Day Found by Chance, and July Found by Chance which is the original title of the webtoon version. The drama will be titled Ha Roo by Chance because the main character is Ha Roo, played by Ro Woon SF9.

Well, after three title change, when the airing date arrived, it turned out that the production house established its title choice to Extraordinary You. It could be because the story of this drama is considered quite extraordinary aka extraordinary.

Have a moral message that works for the younger generation

Extraordinary You
A moral message for youth

The story of Extraordinary You begins with Dan Oh who one day realizes that he lives in a comic story designed by the author. Of course Dan Oh is shocked and in disbelief.

At first, this girl thought that she was the lead. Because, he was born to a wealthy family and surrounded by cool blokes at school. But one day, Dan Oh realized that his presence in the comic book story was just to help the life of the lead actor, Yeo Joo Da.

Not only that, and Oh turns out to be suffering from heart disease that makes his life soon in the comic book story. Realizing his role doesn’t really matter, And Oh tries hard to change his destiny and determine his own destiny.

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From the synopsis snippet can be known the message implied in Extraordinary You. Be yourself and respect this life so that it becomes more meaningful to be clearly depicted in this drama. And Oh and all the complexities of his life teach us that we can be the lead for our own lives.

Thus reviews some of the facts surrounding the Korean drama Extraordinary You. Are you ready to get carried away to watch this drama once again?

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