Shinee, a Hidden Fact Rarely Known by Fans

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After a long hiatus as a group, Shinee finally released a teaser photo for his upcoming comeback. This second generation K-Pop idol will release a new album titled “Don’t Call Me”.

Starting a career since 2008, shinee has certainly achieved many achievements. Of the many awards, there is actually a hidden fact about the group formed by SM Entertaintmen.

Not much is known to fans, this is the amazing thing Shinee does.

Pioneers of Behind-the-Scenes Choreographed Music Video Trends


K-Pop music itself can not be separated from energetic dance. Dance moves are an attraction for fans. It’s no surprise that behind-the-scenes choreography videos are always waiting for them.

In recent years, not a few popular idol groups have released choreographed music videos backstage. Although it only features dances, the number of views on Youtube reaches hundreds of millions.

As it turns out, this trend was originally popularized by Shinee through a song titled “Replay”. Although not the only idol group to record behind-the-scenes choreography videos, it was recorded as the first boy band to release a choreography rehearsal video.

This trend is still followed by newcomers until now, such as Twice, BlackPink, and iKON became the most diligent idol group to make choreographed videos behind the scenes.

Shinee Earns Rookie Grand Slam Title


Rookie grand slam is a predicate given to idol group newcomers who won “Rookie of the Year” at 5 prestigious South Korean awards, namely Melon Musik Awards (MMA), Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Golden Disk Awards (GDA), GAON Chart Music Awards, and Seoul Music Awards (SMA).

The winner of that category is determined by each organizer. Usually seen from achievements achieved, such as chart positions, album sales, to the power of fandom.

Throughout the history of K-Pop music, Shinee was the first idol group to win the Rookie Grand Slam title. Not only won “Rookie of the Year”, sm entertainment’s boy band received many awards in the first year of its debut.

Furthermore, the Rookie Grand Slam predicate is given to iKON, want to One, TXT, and ITZY.

First K-Pop Idol to Chart Billboard Music

First K-Pop Idol to Chart Billboard Music

Billboard focuses on several internationally recognized charts, as well as being the most popular chart in various genres every week.

The billboard chart rankings are rated based on digital downloads, electronic sales, radio aiplay, and internet streaming. Most of the data is taken from Nielsen SoundScan ratings that have been trusted since 1991.

In recent years, K-Pop music began to shine because not a few idols made it into the billboard chart. Call it BTS, they managed to sweep the top charts of the Hot 100 category throughout 2020.

Long before that, Shinee made history by hitting the American music market with a trilogy album titled “The Misconception of Us”. At that time, K-Pop was not yet well known globally, but the idol group managed to rank 10th in the Word Album Artis chart in 2013.

All Members Graduate from Top Universities

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Living life as a celebrity who has high flying hours, must have difficulty in balancing education and karis. Both as artists and idols, the two encounter obstacles in dividing time.

However, Shinee points out that education and careers are just as important. All members can divide their time between schools and work very well, even if they successfully obtain a postgraduate degree.

Taemin and the late Jonghyun both had master’s degrees from Myongji University majoring in music and film. Key holds a master’s degree in cultural content and education from Woosuk University.

Onew, meanwhile, holds a master’s degree in practical arts from Chungoon University. According to rumors, he resumed his education and received his Ph.D in music broadcasting.

A talented singer and actor, Minho completed his master’s degree in film and acting at Konkuk University. In fact, he was once an ambassador on his campus.

Almost All Shinee Members Can Do High Notes

First K-Pop Idol to Chart Billboard Music

Shinee is known as a second generation idol who has different musical colors than others. As is known, almost all members are able to deliver a stable tone while on stage.

In addition to the late Jonghyun, Onew also has impressive vocal abilities. The range when singing can reach three octaves and two tones. For an idol-class singer, this is certainly extraordinary.

The high tone that Onew issued briefly became a conversation. Because, he sang for forty seconds and broke the record for the longest high note. This is the first time in K-Pop history that it has performed live singing.

Shinee Contributes to Prestigious Fashion Magazine

shinee Prestigious Fashion Magazine

Speaking of fashion, of course Key is the most champion among other members. This daegu-born man is known as a fashionable idol. Talent in mixing clothes is not only praised by fans, but gained recognition from various circles.

Prestigious fashion magazine ELLE made room for Key. Where he can write his thoughts on the development of fashion. This column was released in 2016 under the title “Key Story”, and is updated every two weeks.

Before earning his master’s degree, Key worked on a thesis on the world of fashion. This is a hidden passion owned by Shinee members.

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