Now Shooting Finishes, When is SuperM Comeback?

Finished Shooting, When SuperM Comeback

SuperM lately has astonished fans as well. Because it is rumored that in the near future there will be a new album with 8 magazine cover versions. Even the latest edition of 2020 consists of a solo cover featuring each member. As well as the cover version of grub, which marked SuperM’s first photo shoot as a group for a Korean domestic fashion magazine.

In addition, there is good news that SuperM is preparing a lot for the full release of its debut album, Super One. That had been scheduled to be launched simultaneously in mid-September this year.

Despite the happy news, SuperM is referred to as a multiligual grub. Derived from SM Entertaiment’s topgrub, this grub clearly has different concepts and colors. Because, not only proficient in language but also very multiligual. Some of the personnel come from different nationalities.

For example, like Mark who is Canadian, then there is Lucas who was born and raised in Hong Kong. Then there’s another personnel, Ten who is from Thailand.

Getting to know SuperM Members

Getting to know SuperM Members
Getting to know SuperM Members

Grub consists of seven personnel, of which the youngest member is from the NCT unit, Mark. Mark Lee debuted as one of the personnel on NCT U in April 2016, with the debut song The 7th Sense. He was also one of the personnel at NCT 127.

Mark is a Canadian rapper and singer, news of his success as a trainee after qualifying for the SM Global Audition in Vancouver. The oldest member of this grub is Baekhyun, he debuted in 2012.

The man born in 1992, known as Baekhyun Exo, has experience hosting inkigayo music shows. However, unfortunately he and Suho left the show and decided to focus on exo’s comeback. He even began his acting career as one of history’s korean dramas, in 2016.

Another personnel is Taemin Shinee, in addition to being a singer he pum also started his career as an actor. Then there’s Kai or real name Kim Jong In, a graduate of Seoul’s School of Perfoming Arts. Yang then made his 2016 career debut, as an actor in the web drama Choco Bank.

In January 2017 she also starred in one of the dramas as the lead role. There are more personnel from this grub, namely Taeyong NCT, Ten WayV, and Lucas WayV. Ten initially began their career after being accepted as a SM Entertaiment trainee through SM Global Audition at Bankok in 2017.

Lucas was officially introduced as RM Rookies in 2017. He even appeared in Ten’s MV Station titled Dream In A Dream. Then the last personnel was Taeyong, he was a member of the NCT as well as its sub unit NCT, as well as NCT 127 one member with Mark at the time.

Background And Formation

Background And Formation
Background And Formation

All members come from grub music in the shade of SM Entertaiment. In 2019 before the official debut was announced, there had been earlier news that SM Entertaiment planned to name the K-pop Super Boy Band.

Then in August and still in the same year, the chairman of Capitol Music Group and founder of SM Entertaiment officially announced their grub. In the name of SuperM stands for matrix word and also Master. Which means that each member already has a big star title in their respective bands.

In addition, a teaser video was played in the congregation, aiming to introduce the members inside. One in which they have their own dance, rap, and vocal abilities.

It’s even dubbed the Aavenges Of K-pop, which is where this grub will focus on music that’s a lot of choreography.

The Story of SuperM Achieves a Brilliant Career

The Story of SuperM Achieves a Brilliant Career
The Story of SuperM Achieves a Brilliant Career

The group planned to promote their debut albums in the United States and South Kore. Some of these grub teasers were later uploaded on SuperM’s official social media accounts. The lead single was “Jopping” and the music video was released simultaneously with the EP.

It turns out that the album reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart. It sold 168,000 copies in the United States in just one week. Grub held their debut concert at the Capitol Record Building in Los Angles on Oct. Dan made their screen debut by guest starring on one of the show’s shows in October as well.

Then they also planned their first tour series We Are The Live. As well as visiting a number of cities in North America from November 2019 to February 2020. After that it continued its series of tours in Latin America and Europe in February 2020. By visiting three cities: Mexico, Paris, and also London.

Then in April 2020, this grub became the first SM Entertaiment music grub to hold concerts online and online. In this case of course it was organized by SM Entertaiment with Naver, as part of the world’s first live and online concert series.

At their concert in April, they performed songs from their debut album. As well as some more of their upcoming watches more than 75,000 paid viewers from more than 109 countries in real time.

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