Complete Formation, Red Velved Comeback With Queendom Mini Album

Velved returns with Queendom mini album

Red Velved officially returned with his mini album titled Queendom on Monday (08/16/2021). In addition to presenting fresh songs and music, SM Entertainment’s girl group also performed with a complete formation after the return of Wendy who had a hiatus.

The last time, Red Velved released an album on December 23, 2019 with a hit titled Psycho. Well, here are some interesting facts about the comeback of this Kpop girl group that has 5 members.

Colorful And Show the Vocal Strength of the Members

The songs in Qoeendom’s mini album are refreshing with addictive hooks. The bright vocals of the members are shown through the songs by MinGtion, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Calebecker and Elen Berg.

The cheerful yet elegant impression is seen from the MV released with the appearance of a colorful Red Velved. Since its release, queendom’s MV has been viewed more than 10 million times and the number is still growing, trending on YouTube.

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This mini album itself contains 6 tracks and becomes the 6th mini album released by Red Velved. The six songs are Hello Sunset, Pose, Better Be, Pushin’ N Pullin’, Knock on Wood and tittle track Queendom.

Red Velved as Queen Summer

During this time the girl group that owns the song Red Flavor is known as Queen Summer because the various summer hits they release always sell in the market. Call it Power Up, Umpah-Umpah and Red Flavor which are considered very suitable to accompany the summer. With cheerful choreography, Queendom will accompany listeners while marking the return of the Queen Summer or the queen of summer.

The Queen Concept

Before officially releasing his mini album, Red Velved first released Queen’s Mystic General Store which shows various songs in his album this time with various properties. The concept of the queen and ueen itself has indeed been shown since the teaser image was released by SM.

In the footage, this Kpop girl group chose the concept of storytelling that tells the journey of the members back to normal life after the Reve festival. Then connected with the concept of Journey which tells the journey of the members to seek dignity as Queen. Until it led to the concept of Carnival as a celebration of the union of Queendom.

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