Full of Moral Messages, Here Are The Recommendations of Drakor 2021

Full of Moral Messages, Here Are The Recommendations of Drakor 2021

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Many drakor have good stories that can be learned, both about life to justice and there are still romantic scenes. So, not all drakors tell about the romance of the opposite sex, there are stories of friendship, family, and sacrifice that are good for you to watch. It’s just how the audience’s point of view responds to the drama you’re watching.

Every thing must have positive and negative values, as a wise audience must certainly take the positive value of the story. Speaking of drama, at the beginning of this year a lot of dramas have been released. So, what are the drakors that aired in 2021 now? Come on, read more! Here’s the latest drama you can watch.

Run On, Drakor By Goblin Writer

Airing 16 episodes, Run On first aired on December 16, 2020, also available to Netflix to international audiences. A love story between a fast-runner athlete who switches professions as a sports agent with a subtitled translator.

The drama attracted quite an audience, because on January 7, 2021, Run On received a rating of about 3.772%. The run on script is part of the work of author Shi Hyun. He is the former assistant writer Kim Eun Sook, best known as the screenwriter of the popular drama Goblin, Descendants of The Sun, as well as The King: Eternal Monarch.

The drama stars Im Si Wan as Ki Seon Gyeom, Shin Se Kyung (Oh Mi Joo), Choi so Young (Seo Dan Ah), and Kang Tae Oh (Lee Young Hwa). With romantic genres, sports and life.

Delayed Justice, Drakor About Justice

Delayed Justice, Drakor About Justice
Delayed Justice, Drakor About Justice

The series is one of the drakors that aired on SBS TV. It first aired on October 30, 2020. The play tells the story of a reporter and lawyer who work together to uphold justice.

Since the Korean justice system at the time violated the norm, there is no justice for the accused. The drama has the support of Kwong Sang Woo, a lawyer born on a small island, who passes the lawyer’s exam without going to college. Bae Seong Woo plays a reporter named Park Sam so who has a strange personality, but his empathic taste is high.

In addition, Kim Ju Hyeon plays reporter Lee Yoo Kyung, and Jung Woong In as the elite prosecutor Jang Yoon Seok. This legal drama, the script is inspired by the book by reporter Park Sang Gyu and public lawyer Park Joon Young.

The book writes about the retrial of the case of Samrye Nara supermarket, and the murder of a taxi driver in iksan area. The main character of the drama is based on both writers, one of the screenwriters of Delayed Justice is Park Sang Gyu.

Snowdrop, An Anti-Mainstream Romantic Drama

Snowdrop is a television show planned for release in 2021, airing on JTBC. Drakor, directed by Hyun Tak Jo, is expected to air in June 2021. The soon-to-be-released drama stars Jung Hae In, Kim Ji so, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yoo Jin and Yoo In Na.

In the series, Kim Hye Hoon will co-star with Jung Hae In, and one of Jisoo’s blackpink personnel. Snowdrop was written by Yoo Hyun Mi, who is also the screenwriter of Sky Castle and Golden Cross.

This romantic genre drama set in Seoul in 1987, tells the story of Im so Ho, a student who suddenly arrives at a women’s dormitory, covered in blood. She meets one of the students named Eun Young Cho, who is treating her injuries.

He thinks Im so Ho is an athlete. From the meeting there was a sense of love. When the two men love each other, they face a tough incident. Im so Ho jatu is in love with the woman who treated him, but he must carry out the mission of the country.

Live On, Teen Drama Series

Live On, Teen Drama Series
Live On, Teen Drama Series

The series is a teen drakor that aired from November 17, 2020 to January 12, 2021. The drama is divided into 8 episodes, which JTBC airs, and you can also watch it on Viu.

The drama tells the story of a high school influencer named Baek Ho Rang, who is famous for his beauty and popularity. But, behind it all, he had a bad fight that got him into trouble.

Someone’s trying to uncover his secret, which is why he decided to join the school broadcasting club. The goal is to find the mastermind, who poses a threat to him. At the school’s broadcasting club he met perfectionists, hardworking and astute.

My Wonderful Life

My Wonderful Life
My Wonderful Life

My Wonderful Life aired on MBC in 120 episodes, from January 29, 2020 to the last episode on January 8, 2021. The drama has the support of director Kim Young Min, and writer Seo Jung. The drama tells the story of a family, a 34-year-old woman named Park Bo Hee who is married to Ki Cha Ban.

They have a pair of twins and a daughter. Because their condition is classified as incapable, Park Bo Hee tries hard to meet the needs of her family. However, her kindness was reciprocated by her husband’s infidelity.

Ki Cha Ban asks for a divorce from his wife, but Park Bo Hee ignores him. Until one day, Park Bo Hee finds out the facts, if he himself is the son of Ko Choong and Jo Eung Lim.

Since then, Park Bo Hee’s life has changed completely, as his father Ko Choong is part of the chaebol family. Because his family runs shinsang group business. The drama has the support of Shim Yi Young, Jin Ye Sol, Choi Sung Jae and Won Ki Jun.

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