A Peek at Golden Child’s Journey, a Cute Korean Boyband

A Peek at The Golden Child Boyband Korea's Journey

Golden Child is one of southKorea’s “KPOP”boy bands that is quite popular among Indonesian teenagers, especially K-Popers. If they do a concert, a lot of people will come and be interested to see the show.

This South Korean boy band attracted enough attention in Indonesia, especially women. It’s not just the paras that’s interested. Instead, it’s the sound and the music that captures the attention. Maybe this boyband can be said to be quite entertaining for the community.

In 2017 the boy band was formed by Woollim entertainment. His first album was called Gol-Cha! The beginning of the boy band started with Woollim Entertainment announcing the W Project. The debut project was released at the time. Until the end, the boy band can perform at a Woollim Pick event precisely in 2017. The boy band’s performance was initially hosted by Lee Sung-yeol and Oh Hyun-min.

On August 9, the boy band appeared in a cameo show, 20th Century Boy and Girl. The boy band on August 28 officially debuted. The first single from her first album was called DamDaDi.

Based on the charts in Japan, Golden Child Gol-Cha took the top spot. Running time, on October 16, can release the Love Letter soundtrack. In 2018, Jaeseok left the boy band. Doing so due to his health problems.

Golden Child Album Released With Awards

Golden Child Album Released With Awards
Golden Child Album Released With Awards

Her second MINI album was released as “Miracle” on January 29, 2018. In fact, when 2018 has shown good development on this boy band Aris. The art of the role is also carried by this boyband in addition to showing the ability of its members in the field of sound pulling art only. In 2018 began his career development in the film “Golden Movie”.

The film category includes short films. The awards received by this boy band in 2017 include best new male artist and qoo10 artist of the year. Both awards are in the nomination category. In 2018, the boy band again received several awards in the seoul music award category.

All of his awards include nominations. Some of these awards include, the popularity of the award, hallyu special award, and new artist award. Meanwhile, the award from V Line Award given by the boy band with the winning result. The ep that has been released is still number 2 namely Gol-Cha! and Miracle.

Some of the songs on Gol-Cha’s album are Gol-Cha!, DamDaDi, With Me, What Happened, I Love You, and Sea. Meanwhile, some of the songs released from the album “Miracle” include It’s U, LADY, Crush, and I’m Falling. Another album that has been released is titled “WISH” which contains 7 songs. One of the songs released on the album features an adult personnel. There is also a “Re-Boot” album consisting of 12 songs.

He has also appeared on a self-made web called “Crash! Insignificant Roommates. The performance of the play tells the story of the lives of students living together. Thus, a career-long portrait of the Golden Child.

Boyband Golden Child Has Many Fans in Indonesia

Boyband Golden Child Has Many Fans in Indonesia
Boyband Golden Child Has Many Fans in Indonesia

Many Indonesian teenagers are wading into the performances of Korean bands, one of which is Golden Child. The premiere in Indonesia is often anticipated by fans. His debut appearance in Indonesia was very energetic. All his personnel are also compact in his costume.

The choreography of the costume’s look is accompanied by the music. Many women greeted hysterically when the boy band members took the stage and asked the audience. Every premiere in Indonesia sells tickets in a short time.

One Boyband Member Withdraws From Group, What’s The Reason?

One Boyband Member Withdraws From Group, What's The Reason?
One Boyband Member Withdraws From Group, What’s The Reason?

Members or members of this boy band consist of 10 people now. However, the band is actually 11 people. Originally the leader of the boy band was Daeyeol. The ten Members are Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin. One of the boy band members decided to leave the group. None other than the bucket is Jaeseok.

Jaekseok’s decision reduced one member, so that only 10 personnel were counted. Reportedly, the reasons were taken on the basis of health problems. Jaeseok’s decision was officially announced by Woollim Entertainment on January 7, 2018.

Before announcing, he apologized to the fans who had been supportive. Heavy burdens and health problems became Jaeseok’s strong reason for leaving the entertainment industry. Jaeseok’s decision was appreciated by many.

Thus, before leaving the group already think carefully about the anticipation of the possibilities that occur in the future. Originally a member of the boy band of 11 people. However, under certain conditions one of the buckets decided to leave.

Perhaps many fans were disappointed by the decision of one of the group’s members. In order to maintain the popularity of this group, by making good work. Each new work, created to produce something different.

This article has reviewed the boy band Golden Child from the beginning of a career journey, to having a lot of fans or supporters. So many fans, leaving supporters disappointed by Jaeseok’s decision to leave his group. Because, many fans who feel jaeseok has a beautiful paras and melodious voice, to make fans more in love.

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