Grammys 2021, It’s a Performance From Musicians And Interesting Things!

Grammys 2021, It's a Performance From Musicians And Interesting Things!

The 2021 Grammys have been quite controversial since the initial announcement of the nominations list. But that doesn’t mean the whole event is worth skipping. Held on-air as well as virtually the event implemented a fairly strict health protocol.

The winner’s reading was conducted online, where the winners gave a speech via video conference. Various fun coloring this 63rd Grammy event, here are some interesting things that are displayed in this prestigious awards event in the world.

Opening Grammys 2021 Elegant

The main event was held on Monday (15/1) around 07.00 am WIB. Harry Styles appeared as the show’s opener with his elegant appearance. She performed a song called Watermelon Sugar with sexy as well as energetic. In addition to the music, Harry’s style also amazes the audience who watch it virtually. Harry also managed to take home the trophy for the Pop Solo Performance category. Meanwhile, for the other two nominations he still has to acknowledge the greatness of the other musicians.

Tickling Monologue From Trevor Noah

Not only featuring musicians and singers, this year’s Grammys are also enlivened by public figures. One of the most interesting is standup comedian, Trevor Noah who appeared as the main event host. This comedian managed to dilute the atmosphere with his tickling monologue.

“This is not a Zoom background, it’s original. My grandfather could have passed by naked behind me, he didn’t know how important this show was,” Trevor said.

Billie Elish Takes Home Two Gramophones At the 2021 Grammys

Talented young singer Billie Elish won two trophies at this year’s Grammys. The first trophy was for the Song Writter for Visual Media category, thanks to the song No Time to Die which also became the James Bond OST of the same name.

In addition, he was also crowned the winner of Record of the Year, which made him a little embarrassed as well as minder. Billie didn’t expect she would win it, because she thought Megan Thee Stallion deserved it more.

“I feel so ashamed. Megan, you’re unstoppable. You deserve this,” Billie said on stage.

Despite Not Taking Home the Cup, BTS’s Spirit Is Laudable

The 2021 Grammys were criticized because BTS did not win the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance they deserved. However, RM et al remained positive and did not lower their spirits. Moreover, the South Korean boy group was also appointed to be one of the performers. Keeping up with the spirit, BTS performed to entertain the Army with their hit single, Dynamite.

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The Glory of Female Musicians

One of the main highlights of this year’s Grammys was the success of female musicians. A number of major award categories were won by Megan Thee Stallion, Taylor Swift, Billie Elish, and Beyonce.

Beyonce’s name also didn’t go unnoticed thanks to her big win at the event. He broke the record for the most Grammys collecters in history. With his talent and dedication to spawn the best works, of course, he deserves it.

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