Braids In MV MONEY Controversial, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Apologizes to Fans

Braids In MV MONEY Controversial, BLACKPINK's Lisa Apologizes to Fans

Behind her success on her solo debut, BLACKPINK’s Lisa instead attracted controversy because of her braided hairdo in the MV (music video) MONEY. Lisa’s boxy braid hairstyle in the music video is considered to be a cultural appropriation to cause controversy.

While performing a fanign online, a fan suddenly read a letter to Lisa. The well-read letter was about accusations of cultural appropriation or cultural appropriation that became controversial.

This was done by a fan (BLINK) with good niar and reminded Lisa that cultural appropriation is a serious problem. Blackpink’s Lisa hairdo in the MV did make some fans and netizens upset. But, in an online fanign for her first album ‘LALISA’, Lisa said that she had educated herself about the controversy. He also issued an apology.

Lisa herself was willing to listen and asked her staff to extend the duration of the fanign meeting to 6 minutes from what should have been 90 seconds. Blackpink’s Lisa sincerely apologized and said that she had no intention of hurting anyone.

“I’m really apologizing to someone like them who felt hurt,” Lisa said.

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The youngest member of girl group BLACKPINK was even seen crying when he found out that he had hurt others because he did not realize that his appearance could offend many people.

On the occasion, Lisa also wants her fans to know that she truly regrets it and will be more careful. He also promised that in the future he would double-check everything. Not only that, he also thanked his fans for discussing and reminding himself of the matter.

BLINK and netizens are also happy that a fan has taken his time and tried to educate Lisa on this topic. In addition, Kpop fans are also happy to hear Lisa’s sincere regrets and apologies.

Despite the controversy over whether Lisa’s hairstyle is indeed a form of cultural appropriation or cultural appropriation, Lisa still wants to admit her mistake and apologize.

MONEY’s music video has been on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel since September 23, 2021. The MV of LISA BLACKPINK’s solo debut song itself has been viewed more than 54 million times.

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