5 Reasons Why Han Ji Pyeong Success, #TimJiPyeong Must Know

Han Ji Pyeong

Han Ji Pyeong’s team and Nam Do San’s team are familiar to our ears. Because, Korean dramas that talk about startups, Star-up is widely discussed on social media. The drama went viral after its premiere.

The characters portrayed in this drama are very inspiring. From the drama itself many valuable lessons for the development of a business. Not only that, netizens turned out to be two teams, Team Han Ji Pyeong and Team Nam Do San.

Now for those of you who don’t know the two characters yet, this is just a glimpse of the general picture. Both characters are men close to the main character, Seo Dal-Mi. Netizens are much debating who is better suited to the Miss Seo.

It turns out that many sided with Han Ji Pyeong. This is because the story of his struggle as a child is inspiring. The character, played by Kim Seon Ho, successfully inspired many indonesian audiences.

What exactly is the reason for Han Ji Pyeong’s success? If you’re Ji Pyeong’s team, you should know about the following 5 reasons.

Han Ji Pyeong Persevered From a Young Age

the reason for han ji pyeong's success from a young age has been diligent
Since young Ji Pyeong has been diligent.

From the beginning, Startup drama tells that Ji Pyeong won the investment simulation competition. He won and wanted to use the prize to make more money. Unfortunately, due to her age, Ji Pyeong is not allowed to open a bank account.

Luck sided with him when he met a good grandmother. As a result, Ji Pyeong can open an account in the grandmother’s name. Well interestingly, he’s been diligently investing since high school, it’s amazing isn’t it?

So, what did Han Ji Pyeong make with the investment? It turned out that the results were fantastic. From money that is only 8 million won to 80 million won. A really cool number for a kid as small as Ji Pyeong isn’t it? This shows that Ji Pyeong has been diligent since he was young.

Persistent and Unyielding

han ji pyeong

Han Ji Pyeong was an independent child since childhood. He had no family, but was always persistent in fighting for life. At that time he only had 2 million won to live. The number is very small and do not know how long it will last.

If Ji Pyeong gives up easily, he may not be known as a successful person in the film. This character really inspires us. Even in difficult and limited conditions, it doesn’t mean we have to give up.

By trying, everything becomes possible. In fact, because of Ji Pyeong’s persistence with his investment, he made it to university. Just imagine, a child without parents can do such a great thing. How not awesome?

Why Han Ji Pyeong’s Success Is That He’s a Risk Taker Since Young

risk taker is the reason for han ji pyeong's success

What does risk taker have to do with successful people? Clearly there is. In his successful struggle, Ji Pyeong always dares to take risks. For example, when he was very young then learned to invest.

Not indiscriminately able to do so given the great risks. However, Ji Pyeong does. This is what reflects that Han Ji Pyeong did dare to take risks from a young age.

Now this courage is what is really needed to achieve success. A person can’t succeed when he doesn’t dare take a step. He could have had an idea but didn’t dare make it happen. That could hamper his career growth.

As a result, this bold risk-taking attitude is what is needed. Because people who dare to take risks could be profitable or bankrupt at once. It’s all like two sides of a coin. Regardless of the outcome, for aspiring entrepreneurs the most important thing is to take risks.

Good At Reading Opportunities

han ji pyeong
Han Ji Pyeong

One more mindset that must be owned by entrepreneurs. He’s good at reading opportunities. Any chance, catch it first. Somehow make it happen that’s important take that opportunity first. Then we think about being able to make the right use of opportunities.

This point is a continuation of the bold part of taking risks. Actually daring to take risks alone is not enough. Because if you’re just taking risks, you can’t predict whether it fails or succeeds.

It’s different when you’re able to read opportunities. When there’s a good chance, take it first. Only then think and dare to bear the consequences. Well in Han Ji Pyeong’s success, he can always read the opportunities.

In the midst of his success, Han Ji Pyeong always considers where he will invest. Because this investment is very important to maintain success. One of Ji Pyeong’s quotes, “a company that doesn’t get my investment, won’t succeed.” Naah is how TimJiPyeong is good at reading opportunities.

Firm and Confident

the reason for han ji pyeong's success
Pyeong’s character is firm and confident.

Another reason for Han Ji Pyeong’s success is that it makes his fans klepek-klepek. He was a confident person. With his experience, he strongly criticized Samsan Tech for the good of the startup itself.

In terms of start-ups, this kind of mentor character is spot on. Because, those who are just pioneering definitely need direction to bring the company to be better. This is clearly seen from Han Ji Pyeong’s character.

Now if reviewed, the confidence that fosters a firm attitude towards Han Ji Pyeong has appeared since high school! When it made it out of its comfort zone rather than its high school friends who were still relaxed in living life.

How will Team Han Ji Pyeong be more inspired? Unfortunately, the ending of this story does not favor Team Han Ji Pyeong. In other words, Seo Dal-Mi chose Nam Do San. Although it has been clearly illustrated that Mr. Han is only second lead, but his fans feel disappointed.

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Still, Han Ji Pyeong’s values of struggle deserve to be exemplified. May Mr. Han in the real world have the happiness he deserves.

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