Han Seo Hee Releases Personal Youtube Channel, Promises to Reveal South Korea’s Entertainment Scandal

Han Seo Hee Releases Personal Youtube Channel

Controversial former trainee Han Seo Hee is back on the lips among K-Pop fans. The latest news this time is quite tumultuous, he created a personal Youtube channel under the name SEOHEECOPATH.

The first upload which lasted about 1 minute 26 seconds, Seo Hee promised to expose more scandals of South Korean artists through the Youtube channel. This has angered K-Pop fans from various countries.

It is not the first time that the public has caused a stir, following Han Seo’s confession that he was considered a career destroyer of artists.

Han Seo Hee Is Rumored to Be In a Relationship with Jung Da Eun

Han Seo Hee

In 2019, Han Seo Hee was reportedly in a relationship with transgender ulzzang Jung Da Eun. But both denied this, claiming to be close friends.

Jung Da Eun himself is known to South Korean netters as the most beautiful ulzzang since 2011. Five years later, in 2016, he surprised many by uploading a photo that resembled a man.

Now, Jung Da Eun is known as a transgender ulzzang, her good looks are judged to exceed K-Pop idols. Although until now the change raises the pros and cons among netter.

Despite the denials, via a live instagram broadcast the two admitted to having a special relationship. In fact, Han Seo Hee adds that they dated longer than the public expected.

One day after the confession, the two returned to live on Instagram. They claimed that the relationship they had as lovers was just a set-up.

At the end of 2019, Han Seo Hee uploaded a screenshot of a message claiming that Jung Da Eun was going to kill her.

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Not long after, he uploaded a photo showing a swollen index finger. On his hands there are also bruised marks, such as a fairly strong grip mark.

Han Seo Hee is threatened after she says she wants to end her own life. After saying this, Jung Da Eun holds him on the floor and grips him.

After the upload went viral, He assured his followers that he was fine. Jung Da Eun’s side did not respond to this issue until now.

Former Trainee and Once Almost Debuted As An Idol

Han Seo Hee

Before being known as a woman full of controversy, Han Seo Hee was rumored to be a trainee at YG Entertainment. However, the agency that owns Black Pink denied the news.

Han Seo once appeared in the talent search event Birth of a Great Star 3, but did not qualify as a finalist.

According to some media, He has been a trainee at Jellyfish Entertainment and Source Entertainmnet. He was about to debut with G-Friend and Gugudan, but was not done.

He also often spread closeness with K-Pop idols, and he was also known as a sociopath with his luxurious life.

Since becoming known as a gossiper among artists, Han Seo Hee’s personal life has been in the spotlight. Known as a woman with a classy style of clothing, it turns out that she lives in a luxury apartment.

Local media, Dispatch revealed that Han Seo Hee lives in an elite complex, precisely T Apartement, Seongsu, Seoul. This apartment has complete facilities and is inhabited by several top celebrities.

Revealing The Shocking Facts of Some Idols

Han Seo Hee Releases Personal Youtube Channel

The beginning of Han Soe Hee was known by K-Pop fans because it was reported to have a special relationship with T.O.P Bigbang. In fact, the two have been caught using marijuana together.

The horrendous case in 2017, led to Han Seo having to serve four years of probation, and 120 hours for treatment for drug addiction.

The drug case with the T.O.P. is still attached, he’s already making a comeback. While doing a live Instagram, Han Seo Hee admitted to seeing V BTS enter the nightclub.

This news is quite attention-grabbing, because Han Seo Hee and V BTS were born in the same year. Supposedly, that age is not allowed into nightclubs.

Han Seo Hee also revealed that V BTS came with model Kim Ki Bum. He claimed not to recognize the idol figure at first.

B.I.’s exit from iKON still leaves the fans resing. This relates to the drug scandal that dragged the former leader.

B.I was caught buying illegal marijuana and LSD drugs from a former YG Entertainment trainee with the initials A. Allegedly strong, the former trainee in question is Han Seo Hee.

Han Seo himself briefly reports on B.I.-related cases, but retractes the report.

In addition, Han Seo Hee also dragged the names Kim Na Young and Hana Gugudan, Wonho and Shownu Monsta X, Kim Jae Jong, and Cha Eun Wo Astro. This beautiful parased woman spread the false news about the idol.

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