Hashtag ‘Sorry Jung In’ Echoes, Jimin BTS Sympathizes

Hashtag 'Sorry Jung In' Echoes, Jimin BTS Sympathizes

The hashtag sorry or I’m sorry Jung In Ah is trending recently in South Korea. This turned out to be related to the death of a 16-month-old baby who died at the hands of his adoptive family. It is understood the poor baby died after being molested by his adoptive parents.

Reporting from SBS’s ‘Unanswered Question’, the baby was abused and tortured a month after adoption. After dying in the emergency room last year, Jung In’s adoptive parents gave a statement that the child died as a result of an accident.

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However, the medical team that treated him claimed there were bruises on his body, minor fractures, and a blood-soaked stomach because organ damage was not the pure cause of the accident. The case was eventually stolen in an attempt to get a large insurance policy money.

Moreover, the act of violence against his adopted son was also videoed by his father. So far there have been 800 video evidence of torture committed by his mother.

Now, jung in’s adoptive parents have been made suspects and will go on trial on January 13, 2021. The hashtag Sorry Jun In or I’m Sorry Jung In which echoed on social media was campaigned by the Korean Child Abuse Prevention Association to gain worldwide attention.

The case also attracted the attention of top South Korean celebrities such as Jimin BTS, Bae Ji Hyun, Hwang In Young, and Cha Beoim Geum who is known as a former football coach.

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Through the Weverse website, one of BTS’s personnel, Jimin wrote an apology for Jung In with a black backround. “Jung In-ah, I’m sorry,” he wrote, Sunday (1/3/2021).

Beautiful actress Seo Hyeo-rim also sympathizes with the uploads on her personal Instagram. In the upload, he wrote a prayer for Jung In to rest in peace. The netizens also sympathized with the flood of the mother-of-one’s posts.

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