Hi Bye Mama!: A Tearful Family Drama

Hi Bye Mama

From the early episodes, Hi Bye Mama! has stolen the public’s attention. This family drama with a fantasy genre manages to drain away tears. Throughout the drama, you’ll see touching scenes from all the characters. Before seeing the reviews, here’s the official trailer for the drama.

The Hi Bye Mama Players!

This Korean drama became Kim Tae-Hee’s comeback moment after 5 years of vacuum from the entertainment world. She plays cha yu-ri in the lead role, as well as the wife of Jo Gang-Hwa (Lee Kyung-Hyung).

A number of other performers also co-starred in the family drama, such as Kim Mi-Kyung, Shin Dong-Mi, Seo Woo-Jin, and Go Bo-Gyeol. Go Bo Gyeol plays the character of Oh Min-Jung, Jo Gang-Hwa’s wife after Yu-Ri’s death.

Meanwhile, Kim Mi-Kyung slickly plays Jeon Eun-Sook, the mother of Cha Yu-Ri. Jeon Eun-Sook sustained a deep mental wound as a result of the child’s death. This is depicted through his daily habit of worshipped to the temple. Not only the mother, Yu-Ri’s best friend Ko Hyun-Jung, played by Shin Dong-Mi, is experiencing the same thing.

Every year, he still celebrates his best friend’s birthday. The grief of losing this child, wife, and best friend is very pleasantly drawn. Despite the heartwarming sad scenes, some of the scenes in Hi Bye Mama! invite laughter. One of them is the presence of Yoon Sa-Bong as Ms. Mi-Dong with her profession as a shaman.

In addition to the reincarnation of Cha Yu-Ri, the drama is also about the ghosts around Yu-Ri. One of the most telling stories is the death of Park Hye-Jin, played by Bae Yoon-Kyoung. This story is based on the true story that occurred in 2016. A woman is known to have suffered abuse from her co-workers that resulted in suicide.

Hi Bye Mama Drama Synopsis!

Hi Bye Mama! It began with Yu-Ri’s death in a car accident while pregnant with his son, Jo Seo-Woo. The incident forced doctors to rescue the princess, but not Yu-Ri. Jo Gang-Hwa suffered mental injuries over the years. Gang-Hwa blames himself for his wife’s death.

As a surgeon, Gang-Hwa was also attacked in a panic attack when confronted by the operating room. The trauma continued when Gang-Hwa decided to marry Oh Min-Jung. The decision to marry was supported by gang-hwa’s closest friends, including Yu-Ri’s mother, Jeon Eun-Seok. Even Yu-Ri’s best friend Ko Hyun-Jung gave his blessing.

Despite having been dead for 5 years, Yu-Ri is still in the vicinity of loved ones. One day, Yu-Ri gets the chance to live as a human being for 49 days. She can be a complete human being, if she can return to her original position as mother, wife or child. Unfortunately, her position as wife and mother has been replaced by Oh Min-Jung.

Yu-Ri’s moment of return raised questions and distrust in the minds of those closest to him. The 49-day reincarnation is nothing new in the drama Hi Bye Mama!. Previously, the premise appeared in dramas titled Come Back, Mister and 49 Days. Even so, the chance of survival turns out to be very different in this family drama.

Yu-Ri’s efforts to get close to the child touched anyone. In addition, the heartwarming moment yu-ri hugs the mother also makes the audience glassy. The chance of life again is not only because Yu-Ri is angry with the god, but for other reasons. This reason also made Yu-Ri realize how important the happiness of those closest to him was.

Moreover, Yu-Ri’s efforts keep the child away from the ghostly disturbances around him. Without Yu-Ri noticing, his presence at the child’s side for 5 years triggered Seo-Woo’s sensitivity. This is what makes Hi Bye-Mama Seo-Woo’s storyline feel fun and worth following. IN the beginning, the storyline feels sluggish because of the story of the ghost family around Yu-Ri.

Life Lessons from Hi, Bye Mama

Hi Bye Mama Drama Synopsis

After watching 16 episodes of Hi Bye Mama ending,there was some inspiration from the audience. Most teach the importance of appreciating the presence of those around us. Behind it all, the important things that can be taken from this family drama are:

1. Don’t Blame Yourself

Cha Yu-Ri’s death left deep wounds for her husband. Gang-Hwa finds herself failing to be a good husband, especially with her profession as a doctor. It lasted for years, thus disrupting his work.

Yu-Ri’s moment of return makes Gang-Hwa slowly realize that Yu-Ri’s death was not his fault. Yu-Ri also helps Gang-Hwa convince him that death is destiny, not his husband’s fault.

2. Accepting Circumstances

No one knows how to live someone’s life in the future. Yu-Ri shows life is not really about fulfilling ego, but there are other things that are more important. When he was faced with the choice of living entirely as a human being or relinquishing that desire, Yu-Ri chose not to be greedy. She realized Oh Min-Jung was a good mother to the child, as well as a wife that her husband loved.

In the end, Yu-Ri did not choose to stay by setting aside Min-Jung’s position. The choice teaches hi bye mama! viewers to be grateful under any circumstances. Gratitude is able to create a sense of calm and peace.

3. Something Lost will Be Replaced

Yu-Ri’s position was in fact replaced by Min-Jung, an excellent mother and wife figure. One thing to realize, every loss will give birth to something new. A replacement we might never have imagined before.

No one ever expected a stepmother to be gentle and affectionate, like Min Jung. Although her home life is not very happy, Min-Jung is able to be tough.

Even his interaction with the cold Gang-Hwa reminds us to open up to each other with a partner. Sometimes excessive attention under the pretext of protecting the feelings of the nearest person actually hurts both sides.

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