Hospital Playlist, Drama Full of Moral Messages

Hospital Playlist, Drama Full of Moral Messages

Hospital Playlist, a drama originating in South Korea. In other languages, the title is also referred to as Wise Doctor Life. A Wise Doctor’s Life, and Smart Doctor Living, which basically mean each of these titles are the same. Hearing the title, what came to mind was the story inside the hospital and the doctors inside.

This Korean drama that aired in April 2020 became a television series in his home country. It is rumored that the drama titled romance is divided into two seasons. The first season aired on tvN from March 12 to May 28, 2020, consisting of 12 episodes. Each episode lasts about 72 to 113 minutes, an hour less. The second season is scheduled for release in 2021.

Although the duration is not short, the drama written by Lee Woo Jung with director Shin Won Ho does not make the audience bored because of the very interesting storyline.

In addition, the acting of the players who successfully starred in this one drama very flexible makes Hospital Playlist more in demand. In fact, being able to penetrate a country outside of its origin becomes a quality spectacle.

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The cast members in the drama include Jo Jung Suk as Lee Ik Joon, Kim Dae Mung as Yang Seok Hyung, Jeon Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa, Jung Kyung Ho as Kim Joon Wan, and Yoo Yeon Seok as Ahn Jung Won.

The five artists of the country collaborated in playing their respective roles with great animateness, so as to captivate the hearts of the see. So, how is the story served?

Hospital Playlist Storyline

Drama Korea Hospital Playlist
Hospital Playlist Storyline

A spectacle can’t be separated from the storyline that surrounds it. Same with the drama Hospital Playlist. The attraction of this drama results from an interesting storyline, which is also supported by the players in it. The combination of the two components makes the popularity produced will increase.

Hospital Playlist tells the story of a relationship woven by five doctors who work in the same hospital. The bond of friendship has been established since they went to college to become a reliable specialist in their respective fields.

The five doctors are Chae Song Hwa, Kim Joon Wan, Ahn Jung Won, Lee Ik Joon, and Yang Seok Hyung, who are 4 men and 1 woman. They are very familiar with each other as if the friendship that is lived will last forever. When watching the drama live, it will understand very well the character of each of these doctors.

Conflict begins when doctors encounter patients with various diseases. In the spotlight at that time, the president director of the Hospital Julie also fell seriously ill, so had to be replaced. But the director’s children did not work in the same field as his father.

Until finally uncovered a big secret that can be known when watching this drama. Then, in between the existing time, the doctors play the band like when in college. This is the beginning of the title of this drama.

The conflict continues until a love triangle is revealed between these friends. To understand how the ending in this drama and who chae song hwa chose, it’s best to watch until the last episode.

Message Moral Hospital Playlist

Message Moral Hospital Playlist
Message Moral Hospital Playlist

Not only the excitement in the story, the drama Hospital Playlist also left a deep moral message for the audience. Many mandates are to be conveyed through the two-season series in the first 12 episodes of the season that have aired.

The main message to be conveyed is the main key to the continuity of the friendship relationship by accepting the shortcomings and advantages that each has. As friends, it should not be demeaning to each other’s nature.

If something goes wrong, speak in good language so that no one is offended. When the submission is unclear in its disclosure, it will invite misunderstandings. This is dangerous, because it can crack the friendship relationship.

In addition, no less important is to dare to express feelings to others. Imagine how others could understand if not told. Don’t think others are insensitive, start to open up. Perhaps, it’s not those who are insensitive, but the code you provide is too complicated to understand.

Last but not least, they also want to convey that in essence humans cannot live alone. There are others who have the same rights as themselves. Therefore, it would be nice to stay away from selfishness.

Sometimes, let go of what you have for the good of others is necessary. So, never assume your own interests are the most important, so get rid of the interests of others.

Is it suitable for the Indonesian version of Dire-make?

Is it suitable for the Indonesian version of Dire-make?
Is it suitable for the Indonesian version of Dire-make?

Behind the excitement of Hospital Playlist, a question arises, is the question, is it suitable if this drama is re-made into the Indonesian version?

The answer, of course, is suitable. The story conveyed is very good to be passed on to the viewers of the country with the Indonesian version.

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Indonesia also has many talents in the world of roles that are no less good, loh. So, there is no harm in not to enjoy the remake of the drama Hospital Playlist into the Indonesian version.

However, the problem is that there is no certainty about the decision of this drama remake. Just wait for the good news.

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