Hospital Playlist Season 2, Filming Will Be Done Soon

Drama Hospital Playlist Season 2

For fans of korean drama “Hospital Playlist”, there is good news for all of you. The story of these five friendly doctors is known to continue, Hospital Playlist season 2 which will air in 2021. This announcement was also announced for the first time at the end of the season 1 episode.

This hit drama from tvN channel features the lives of five doctors in terms of romance, music, work, and successful family making the audience laugh because of his behavior. The medical slice of life drama achieved success in season 1 where it received a rating of 14.1% in the last episode.

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In season 2, the main story will still be played by all five players but with different storylines. In addition, there will reportedly be the addition of new players and there is also one actor who is confirmed not to play again in this drama. Who do you think it is? Curious, here’s a leak related to the drama Hospital Playlist season 2.

Hospital Playlist season 2 filming process

The presence of Hospital Playlist season 2 has been announced at the end of the season 1 episode in May 2020 that they (Hospital Playlist) will return in the new season in 2021.

Hospital Playlist season 2
Photo the announcement in the trailer for the final episode of Hospital Playlist season 1

Currently, the preparation process for season 2 has been completed and will enter the pre-production period. Filming is expected to begin in December 2020. As released by one of Korea’s exclusive news sites, SportDonga.

In addition, tvN itself has also responded to the process of filming Hospital Playlist season 2. According to tvN’s statement to Soompi, they are currently working hard to prepare for the second season.

There are players who did not continue in season 2

The main cast in Hospital Playlist 1 dramas ranging from Jo Jung-suk who plays Lee Ik-Joon, Yoo Yeon-seok playing Ahn Jung-won, Jung Kyung-ho playing Kim Joo-wan, Kim Dae Myung playing Yang Seok-hyung, and Jeon Mi-do playing Chae Song-hwa are confirmed to return as the main characters in season 2. That’s because season 2 will still tell the five friendly doctors.

Hospital Playlist season 2
Photos of Kim Jun-han

However, one player confirmed that he will not rejoin this second season. She is Kim Jun Han who plays the character Ahn Chi-hong. In season 1, Ahn Chi-hong is a former member of the military who transformed into a doctor. He himself is a doctor under the guidance of doctor Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi-do). From the beginning it has been confirmed that Ahn Chi-hong’s character only exists in season 1.

New characters in Hospital Playlist 2

It has been confirmed that there is one player who will not continue in season 2, but surely in the latest Hospital Playlist there will be new players accompanying the five players who are the main characters in the drama Hospital Playlist 2.

Currently, Shin Won-ho as a producer with the production team of hospital playlist drama performs the casting process to find actors and actresses who will play supporting roles in season 2. The entire filming preparation process including casting is expected to be completed by the end of November 2020.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 screening schedule

Regarding the schedule of hospital playlist season 2 drama is still not confirmed by the production. They are targeting that the drama will air around mid-2021. Therefore, while waiting to air, you can re-watch Hospital Playlist season 1 first through sites that provide online Hospital Playlist drama links such as Netflix, Viu, and other websites.

That’s the information about one of the hit Korean dramas, Hospital Playlist which will be back in season 2. For those of you who have never watched, you should first watch Hospital Playlist 1 so you can know the storyline of this drama. After that, just watch the season 2 when it will be aired. Hopefully useful yes.

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