How Are You Bread, a Special Bread from a Mysterious Chef

How Are You Bread

How can fate be met but not fall in love? Suho EXO may be able to answer that experience on his latest drama website, How Are You Bread. Released in January 2020, the drama has been long awaited by fans. The production itself has been completed in 2016. What makes this web drama so much anticipated?

Mesmerizing Acting Cast How Are You Bread

Airing in 5 episodes, this web drama feels worth watching romantic drama lovers. The theme raised is really close to daily life or slice of life. Short episodes make viewers feel bored from the beginning of the episode. Even the romantic scenes are presented lightly and seem interesting.

How Are You Bread
Each Episode of How Are You Bread Is Light But Full of Meaning – Suho

In this web drama, Suho plays a genius chef named Han Do-Woo. Do-Woo is known for his cool, closed personality. Behind it all, there is a trauma that Suho tries to cover up related to his family, especially the father. This is what makes Do-Woo’s character even more interesting, the existence of family intrigue that is packed with natural.

As Suho’s co-star, Lee Se-Young played the character Noh Mi-Rae. Unlike Do-Woo, Mi-Rae works as a scriptwriter on one of the television stations. His career wasn’t smooth, so he had to convince Do-Woo to get involved in his program. Mi-Rae’s own character is known to be very friendly, sincere, and kind. He often helped the people around him.

Considering the web episode of this drama is not too long, there are not many supporting players involved. From The How Are You Bread trailer, several artists took part. Han So-Young was chosen to play Do Do-Hae, the daughter of President Bang and the successor to Hyeseong’s company. President Bang himself is played by Sora Jung who has been unfortunate in the Korean film industry.

This web drama looks even more fun with the appearance of Kang Pil-Sun who plays Chef Damon. He is described as a close friend of Do-Woo as well as a rival in the show Three Baking Admiral. In addition to the five artists above, other names also enlivened the web drama, such as Moon Ji-Yoon, Seo Jeong-Yeon, Lee Ki-Chan, and Yoo Se-Hyung.

Unique Story Packaging

Although presented as a mini series, How Are You Bread is worth watching by Korean dramalovers. This is because the background and storyline presented are not impressed rambling. The cinematography displayed is also very typical of spring. Curious about Do-Woo and Mi-Rae’s storyline in this web drama?

Unexpected Meeting

Mi-Rae accidentally passes a new bakery in her neighborhood. Customers are seen queuing, even though the store is not yet open. Curious, Mi-Rae asks one of the customers in line. The information obtained is quite astonishing, because the bakery sells ‘How Are You Bread’ in a limited edition.

It is said that ‘How Are You Bread’ can grant the request of the person who ate it. Every day, the type of bread served is always different. The making itself is very special, as it involves Do-Woo’s love and memories of his first love, Mi-Rae. Do-Woo’s ability to process pastry is unquestionable. Since attending school in France, he managed to process a variety of pastry and often received praise.

In addition to Love, Passion Is Also Taught in How Are You Bread
In addition to Love, Passion Is Also Taught in How Are You Bread

Unfortunately, this ability was opposed by his father, Han Daekyu. Do-Woo’s father is a famous tteok master in Korea and has a secret recipe. Do-Woo and Mi-Rae’s meeting happened by accident. Mi-Rae is required by the producer to present Do-Woo in the competition program. During this time, Do-Woo always refused to appear and was interviewed by the media.

In the end, Do-Woo agrees to Mi-Rae’s offer to perform. Relationship work turns out to grow the seeds of love. Previously, MI-Rae and Do-Woo had been in a relationship while in France. At that moment, Do-Woo must let Mi-Rae lose her memory due to the line of destiny. Patrick as a reminder of fate often says Mi-Rae and Do-Woo can’t unite.

If they insist on falling in love, one of them will get hurt. In How Are You Bread ending is depicted that Do-Woo is the one who must experience memory loss. It all started from mi-rae’s misfortune. So, is their love united to the end?

The End of a Gregetan Story

For Korean drama lovers who love happy endings,this web drama may be beyond expectations. Mi-Rae and Do-Woo’s story ends with a slightly hanging story. Here’s what’s interesting, because the storyline is returned to the audience. The drama seems to leave room for new characters and storylines.

Nonetheless, it feels very appropriate that How Are You Bread comes in a new season. The audience is really curious and waiting for the continuation of the story of the two lovers. How could a destiny not expect unification? But love can find its own way. Why does fate seem to want to bring them together over and over again to part ways?

Learning from the Love Story of How Are You Bread

Although presented in just 5 episodes, the drama’s web abounds in life value. At the very least, the audience is taught a lot through Mi-Rae and Do-Woo’s interactions, such as:

Destiny will Reunite

Separated as far as anything and however, if destined to meet, then it will meet again. This is what happened to Mi-Rae and Do-Woo. Many times brought together and separated by fate, they still meet again. Although the condition of one of the parties is losing their memory, love actually awakens them. The presence of each other can evoke memories that may be forgotten. Do you believe in destiny like this?

Love and Sincerity

What will be left when we lose our memory? This question is always asked by both Mi-Rae and Do-Woo. Unwittingly, love and sincerity become the most precious thing left when one’s memory is lost.

drama How Are You Bread Quotes
How Are You Bread Quotes: “It Is Love That Moves Hearts And Minds”

This is also the grip of both Mi-Rae and Do-Woo when reunited. Even if one of them forgets, it is love and sincerity that awaken. No need to intervene with others, it is their love that moves hearts and minds.

In addition to the short reviews above, How Are You Bread ost may be the reason you watch this web drama. In order to support an interesting storyline, the ost chosen really represents the feelings of each player. Overall, this drama is highly recommended for Korean drama lovers everywhere.

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