Hyeri Girls Day Gets a Coffee Truck, From Whom?

Hyeri Girls Day Gets a Coffee Truck Delivery, From Whom?

One of the uploads from an account belonging to a famous Korean artist named Hyeri is being discussed by fans. Because this beautiful woman posted a photo of her standing near a drinks truck. Especially with the caption about the lyrics of the popular song Girls Day.

In the photo there is also a banner that seems to be specially tweeted for him. The banner reads that the sender supports his younger sister and the Fighting Cohabitation team. Then there is another writing that tells that the banner is from his older sister Ryu Hye Young.

Ryu Hye Young and Hyeri are good friends. They have known each other since starring in the popular Korean drama Reply 1988 in 2015. In the drama, Hye Young takes on the role of Hyeri’s older sister. Then after the drama has been completed, it turns out that the closeness of the two is more closely intertwined.

Hyeri Girls Day’s Profile

This beautiful girl has the long name Lee Hye Ri, but often gets the nickname Hyeri when on stage. She is a member of girl group Girls Day. The girl, often called Hyeri, was born on June 9, 1994 in Gwangju.

She is best known as a singer, actress and television personality in South Korea. She has also been nominated as a Nation Little Sister by one of the South Korean media thanks to her extraordinary popularity after appearing as one of realme’s permanent members.

Hyeri is also known as an accomplished schoolgirl. This became one of the supporters of the fact that when Hyeri was in high school she had been part of Dream T Entertainment for coaching in order to bring a talent show.

After that she finally joined the group that is now her family, Girls Day. After graduating with training, he eventually went on to study at one of Korea’s most famous schools called Seoul School Of Performing Arts.

Ryu Hye Young, The Coffee Truck Shipper

Ryu Hye Young, The Coffee Truck Shipper
Ryu Hye Young, The Coffee Truck Shipper

The actress, Ryu Hye Young, also known as Ryu, is a well-known drama player and model in South Korea as well as Hyeri’s friend. This girl fighting March 28, 1991 is one of the former students at one of the Korean Universities named Konkuk University Film Department.

She first appeared in the public eye when she acted in a Korean short film called High School Girls in 2007. That’s where his career began, from starting to work on ordinary films or just short films he did until 2012.

Until finally when he played one of the roles in a film called Graduation Trip in 2012, that’s when he received his first award as Best Artist Multicultural International. This is a very happy thing because it is one of his provisions before finally colonizing a new world.

His career is getting better, even in 2014, he once starred in a film called My Dictator. After that, CJ Entertainment finally recruited him to be one of their artists.

His career skyrocketed when he successfully portrayed one of the cast members in a drama called Reply 1988. All fans of Korean drama immediately liked him. Since then his name began to be famous by the public. The drama has earned her another award called Best New Actress (TV). Now, he is friends with Hyeri.

Drama Reply 1988

Drama Reply 1988
Drama Reply 1988

This show is one of the Korean dramas that has received the highest rating compared to other dramas in 2016. The drama became so popular after being known to be able to bring the feelings of its fans up and down.

This show has a total of 20 episodes. The series also takes on a fairly light but interesting theme, which is about a more complete friendship story with love and family.

In this drama, they tell that there are 5 friends inside. The association consists of 1 woman with 4 other people of different genders with the main character. It is said that these five friends have lived with their families, they are also known to be neighbors with happy lives. The place they were in at that time was sungmin area,

Told the five friends who have been together for a long time even since childhood, finally had to think of a good candidate for one of his best friends, Duk Sun. The dispute between them begins, they begin to guess who will be the husband of Duk Sun and who is eventually caught liking Sung Bora who is told as the older sister of Duk Sun.

Meanwhile, the first candidate they chose at that time was Sun Woo who was most attentive to Duk Sun. But it turned out that it was all just a misunderstanding until finally revealed who liked each other.

The Closeness of Hyeri and Ryu Hye Young

The Closeness of Hyeri and Ryu Hye Young
The Closeness of Hyeri and Ryu Hye Young

Although the drama they have completed in 2015 ago. But it turns out that the brother and sister bond they bring in the drama makes the bond between the two even closer to the real world.

This is evident when Hyeri gets an offer of the latest drama, Ryu Hye Young gives her support so sweetly. This is evident from a post by Hyeri that shows that Ryu Hye’s coffee truck came safely.

Hyeri is about to start filming her new drama Frightening Cohabitation. Ryu was happy to send him a coffee truck with a banner. His writing is that he supports his younger sister along with the drama team he is playing now.

In response, Hyeri expressed her gratitude in an Instagram post. It is written that he was very happy with ryu’s gift. He even praised Ryu.

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