Hyun Bin Gets Married Soon, These 3 Women He Once Rumored To Be Close to

Hyun Bin Gets Married Soon, These 3 Women He Once Rumored To Be Close to

Hyun Bin is getting married soon! Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding plans attracted attention, especially for fans. The crash landing on you star announced the news of her wedding plans in a handwritten post posted on her agency Vast Entertainment’s Instagram. She also shared a romantic photo of a pair of hands clasping each other.

Before being with Son Ye Jin, the Korean actor born in 1982 was quite often surprised with his romance.

Hwang Ji Hyun

The first woman to be recognized as his lover was Hang Ji Hyun. The two were romantically linked in 2005. Hwang Ji Hyun is an actress and member of girl group Gangkiz.

Their relationship did not go smoothly because the public judged Hwang Ji Hyun was not comparable to Hyun Bin who was at the peak of his career. Finally in 2007 they reportedly broke up secretly.

Song Hye Kyo

The two celebrities began dating in 2008 when they starred in the drama series The World Within. These rumors have also been confirmed by the agency. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last.

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When Hyun Bin enlisted in the military in 2011, their relationship ended. At that time, there were several reasons that caused them to break up. Starting from busyness to the amount of public attention that causes pressure for both.

Kang Sora

In mid-December 2016 hyun bin and kang sora’s agency confirmed the news of their romance. But the relationship only lasted for one year because in December 2017 the two were rumored to officially break up.

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Apart from the three women who are admitted to having filled his heart, Hyun Bin was rumored to be dating Ha Ji Won, his co-star in the drama Secret Garden. In addition, he was also rumored to have a special relationship with Han Ji Min.

She was also rumored to be close to a member of popular Korean singer Group Fin.K.L, Sung Yuri, who is also an actress. But the rumors have not been proven to be true.

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