K-Pop Idol’s Comeback in 2021, Anyone?

A Line of K-Pop Idols that Comeback in 2021

For those of you who like all kinds of things about K-Pop idols, it seems like you should immediately prepare yourself with the preparation to buy an album. Because at the beginning of this year there will be a line-up of idols who will comeback. Of course they will re-create the work with their new concept. Some of the idol groups are as follows.

Treasure, the K-Pop Idol Who Hit Tiktok

They are a group of 12 handsome men. This group is a K-Pop idol under YG Entertainment. They debuted on August 7, 2020 with their album Boy. Their presence is very welcomed by YG Entertainment fans who never fail in giving their best.

At the end of 2020, there is news that the group with 12 personnel is preparing for their rumored comeback in January 2021. As it turns out, his fans are eagerly awaiting their scheduled comeback on January 11, 2021 with an album titled Treasure effect

Victon, Boyband Besutan Plan A

Victon, Boyband Besutan Plan A
Victon, Boyband Besutan Plan A

This K-pop idol group consists of 7 personnel who have handsome faces. They first debuted in 2016 under Plan A Entertainment. The boy band debuted with an album titled What it time now which eventually exploded and made them quite famous in Korea.

Victon will make a comeback this January on January 11, 2021 with the title album Voice: The Future is Now. There is no word yet on which timetable for their comeback should be in 2020.

However, because the pandemic at that time was quite serious, the company did not want to take risky decisions for its artists. So it was with a heavy heart that they finally canceled the release of the album until finally decided to release their album this month.

Yunho TVXQ, The Legend of K-Pop Idol

Yunho TVXQ, The Legend of K-Pop Idol
Yunho TVXQ, The Legend of K-Pop Idol

Jung Yunho or more familiarly called Yunho TVXQ plans to re-enliven the Kpop music industry by releasing a solo album.

Jung Yunho is a Korean singer and actor who is the leader of a Korean boy band called TVXQ. The man known by the stage name U-Know was a handsome man who was born on February 6, 1986.He made his debut in 2003, at that time he appeared in a video titled Diamond as a dancer and a supporting rapper there.

Some time ago in one of his interviews sm entertainment who became his winning company so far gave recognition that this K-Pop idol is preparing his latest album which is likely to be released in January 2021. In the interview, Yunho also said that he wanted to make an album with a new concept for his current comeback.

Meanwhile, the exact timetable for when he will release the album titled Noir is on January 18, 2021

ITZY, JYP’s Famous Girl band

For those of you who like girl bands from Korea, surely you are familiar with this one. They are ITZY, a South Korean girl band working under JYP Entertainment.

The members consist of Lia, Ryunjin, Yuna, Yeji and Chaeryeong. These 5 beautiful K-Pop idol women debuted on February 11, 2019. They first debuted with their single album titled It’s Different.

They plan to comeback this January with a different concept. Because the songs they will perform are Not Shy, WANNABE, ICY and DALLA DALLA. The song will use the English version. Upon hearing this news, fans became impatient to welcome their song later.

Chungha, Singer Known For Produce 101

Kim Chan Mi or Chungha is a K-Pop idol. He became famous after finishing Mnet Produce 101. This beautiful girl who was born on February 9, 1996 has lived in Dallas, Texas. For about 8 years until finally returned to South Korea to become a singer.

He had auditioned for YG Entertainment and even a former trainee from JYP Entertainment before joining M&H Entertainment in 2016.

He debuted on May 4 with the I.O.I.’s group with a MINI album titled Chrysalis. This beautiful girl had to rearrange her comeback schedule which was in December to January because of the positive Covid-19. The song that will accompany her comeback is titled Querencia which will be released on February 15, 2021.

3 K-Pop Idol Agencies Announcing a Comeback

3 K-Pop Idol Agencies Announcing a Comeback
3 K-Pop Idol Agencies Announcing a Comeback

Meanwhile, in early 2021, 3 major agencies of the Korean music industry announced that they will release a new boy group and girl group that will decorate in early 2021. The three major companies are SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Although we know that there are some of their artists who are preparing for his comeback this January. But that didn’t make the three agencies undo their intentions.

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Even SM Entertainment itself just a few months ago released a new girl group with the name of what sings their latest album titled Black Mamba. But it looks like this one agency still wants to give another surprise surprise to its fans.

In his interview, SM said that they plan to re-launch several new groups consisting of men with extraordinary talents. Reportedly for boyband this time will not be part of nct group like the previous year. SM promises that this group will have its own universe that provides new and creative concepts.

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