K-Pop Idols Who Successfully Worked in The Acting World

K-Pop Idol Who Successfully Worked in Acting

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Not only are they good at singing and dancing on stage, some K-Pop idols also have a knack for role art. Their acting is no less stunning than the popular actors and actresses from Gingseng Country. The talents of idols make fans salute, even attracting the attention of almost all over the world.

An acting debut is not an easy choice. Because, the world role of South Korea has a very tight competition. However, there are some idols who are quite successful and get offers to star in many dramas. Who are they?

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy

This beautiful woman who was born on October 10, 1994 has just ended her contract with JYP Enterteiment. Bae Suzy decided to leave the agency that had been shadowing him for 9 years on March 31, 2019. Before becoming known as an actress, her name has been known since joining the girl group Miss A.

Suzy officially debuted with Miss A when she was 16 years old, a very young age as an idol. Although as a makne member of the group, singing and dancing talent is not inferior to other members. Together with the group, its popularity continues to rise.

Not stopping there, Suzy tried her luck in acting in 2011. The first drama starring Dream High season 1, here he immediately got the lead role. After her acting debut, she again got an offer to star in several films and dramas.

Suzy starred in several series including Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, Vegabond, and most recently Start-Up. Not only that, he was also cast in the films Introduction to Architecture and Dorihwaga.

Krystal Jung

Krystal Jung

Since debuting with girl gropu F(X), Krystal has been listed as the most popular idol in SM Enterteinment. Unfortunately, in August 2020, news emerged that he had decided to leave the agency. This statement is justified by the agency, the reason is none other than want to focus on the acting world.

As F(X) fans already know, Krystal has a melodious voice and agile movements when dancing. But it turns out that his acting ability makes many people hypnotized. Evident from his role in the drama The Heirs, he received a lot of praise despite only playing a supporting character.

Previously, Krystal also played the character in the drama More Charming by the Day. Soon after, she began to look to play important characters in several series such as My Lovely Girl, Prison Playbook, The Bride of Haebaek, Player, and many more.

Jessica Jung’s younger sibling also won several awards including Best Newcomer in a Sitcom or Comedy 10th MBC Entertainment Awards 2010, Best Couple (with Kang Min Hyuk) 2nd Drama Fever Awards 2010, and Most Popular Actress (TV) 51st Baeksang Arts Awards 2014.

Jung Eun Ji

Jung Eun Ji

The lead vocalist of apink girl group has the most congested schedule among other members. In addition to debuting as a K-Pop idol, Eun Ji also debuted as a soloist and actress. Initially, he and his family stood under cube enterteinment, but for some reason they signed a contract with new agency Plan A Entertainment.

The Busan-born woman made her acting debut in 2012 in the drama Reply 1997, through which she received rave reviews from K-Drama fans. Sung Shiwon’s character is still attached to this day. Her amazing acting talent made her name in the ranks of the most popular actresses.

Some of the dramas starring Eun Ji include Trot Lover and Cheer Up. In 2018, he starred in the horror film 0.0 MHZ. Recently surprised fans by appearing as a cameo in the Series Backstreet Rookie. Not only participating as a player, he also actively fills ost drama.

Do Kyung so

Do Kyung so or known as D.O is the most popular member of boy group to date. He started his career with EXO on January 30, 2012 under SM Entertainment. Currently, he is still serving in the military and will be completed on January 25, 2021.

D.O is the lead vocalist of boy group EXO. His voice-pulling talent is unquestionable. In 2014, he tried to get into the world of role art. The first movie he starred in was Cart. In the film he also participated in filling the soundtrack.

After making her acting debut, D.O began starring in several film and drama titles including It’s Okay That’s Love, Pure Love, Swing Kids, and many more. The last drama to be set before departing was 100 Days My Prince. In almost every role, he always gets positive comments.

Thanks to his talent, D.O won several awards such as Best Young Actor Seoul Internatinal Youth Film Festival’s 2014, Best New Actor 3rd APAN Star Awards 2014, Rising Star Max Movie Awars 2016, Most Popular Actor 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards 2016, Most Popular Actor 53nd Baeksang Arts Awards 2017, and Newcomer Korean Film Shining Star Awards 2017.

Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo

Astro boy group members are relatively new in the world of role art. Eun Woo made her acting debut in 2017, although she has appeared in many dramas. He often appeared in television dramas and web dramas. Some of the dramas he starred in include Hit The Top, Sweet Revenge, Top Management, Gangnam Beauty, and Goo Hae Ryung.

Currently, K-Drama fans are looking forward to Eun Woo’s latest drama which will reportedly air later in the year. The webtoon-based series True Beauty received a lot of support even before its release. Viewers can’t wait to see her stunning acting along with Moon Ga Young.

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