SM Entertainment idol Lucas WayV dragged into dating scandal

Lucas WayV dragged into dating scandal

Recently netizens were horrified by the alleged Lucas WayV dating scandal on Twitter. While South Korean media have reported on the issue involving one of SM Entertainment’s idols, the agency has not released any official releases.

Lucas WayV was recently dragged into an alleged dating scandal on Twitter. While Korean media have reported on the matter involving SM Entertainment’s idol, the agency has not released any statement.

On Monday, (08/23/2021) night, lucas dating scandal began to spread. But evidence of the scandal was quickly debunked after fans managed to find a source to dismiss the alleged dating evidence.

Fans claiming to be Lucas WayV’s former lovers say that after the breakup, the idol will still ask her to meet. He would visit her at his hotel and house and ask her to pay all the bills.

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Fans also said that during their dates, she often asked him to pay all the bills, including cigarettes. The reason is because Lucas will be found out as an idol if he uses his card.

In addition, he also claimed Lucas often asked to be bought luxury goods and booked hotels that want to visit. He said Lucas did not want to accept any gifts other than a house or a car.

But other fans managed to find ‘evidence’ that the statement was untrue. First, they said evidence of Lucas’ “voice chat” was pieced together from Bubble voicemails that had been sent before. A fan has provided audio of one of Bubble’s original voicemails.

Meanwhile, Lucas and his boy group WayV just released a new song on June 23 titled “Everytime”. The song was released as part of the Chinese drama theme album “Falling Into Your Smile”. Their last comeback was on March 10 with “Kick Back”.

Of course the Lucas WayV dating scandal went viral on social media. Although fans managed to find that the allegations were false, the media was not satisfied because SM Entertainment has not yet released an official statement. Although local media have asked the agency about the matter, SM has not responded and has chosen to remain silent.

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