Idols Suitable to Be Female SuperM Members According to Netizens

female version of idol superM

SM Entertainment successfully debuted the SuperM sub unit, whosemembers were directly selected by Lee so Man. The idols include Taemin Shinee, Baekhyun EXO, Kai EXO, Taeyong NCT 127, Mark Lee NCT 127, Ten WayV, and Lucas WayV.

The selection is not easy, because the agency is called as a warehouse of talented idols with amazing visuals. Of course, the same will be difficult if SM Entertainment forms a female sub unit.

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If formed SuperM vesri women, this is the idol most chosen by netizens.



BoA is a senior idol of SM Entertainment, she has been active in the South Korean entertainment industry since 2008. Had a long career journey, making his name known all over the world.

He made his debut at a very young age, 13 years old. Nevertheless, singing and dancing skills can be mastered quickly. Within two years, BoA achieved popularity.

K-Pop fans call themselves sm entertainment dancing machines. BoA is not a member of the girl group, but is good at dancing. In addition to having a unique sound, the perfomance on stage is very energetic and unsightly.

In addition to being talented in music, he also tried to dust off acting. The titles he has starred in include Over the Hedge (2006), Big Match (2014), and Autumn Post Office (2017).

Taeyeon Girls Generation

Taeyeon Girls Generation

The second most popular idol chosen by netizens as a female member of SuperM is Taeyeon Girl Generation. She is known as a sweet and graceful idol when performing on stage.

Not only relying on visuals, Taeyeon has a lot of talent in music. That’s why he is admired and has many fans not only in Asia, but also internationally.

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As the lead vocalist in the group, he is believed to be the most successful idol. Proven from a successful solo debut. Who doesn’t want to hear his soft voice over and over again? Taeyeon is able to express feelings in each song very well.

Krystal ex F(X)

Krystal ex F(X)

K-Pop fans must be familiar with the name Krystal. The former member of girl group F(X) is known for his talent in music and acting. Thanks to his myriad talents, he has the highest flying hours of other members.

Prior to her debut with F(X), Krystal had starred in various commercials and modeled her senior music videos at SM Entertainment. She also starred in several drama titles, such as The Heirs (2013), The Bride of Habaek (2017), Player (2018), Searh (2020), and many more.

Apparently this 26-year-old woman has a talent in sports. When he was in school, he was on the softball core team. Not only that, Krystal managed to achieve a high jump of 1.9 m at the Dream Team 2010 event.

Seulgi Red Velvet

Seulgi Red Velvet

Seulgi was recognized as a talented and great artist by the community. Not many people know, he turns out to have skills in drawing. His work is very artistic, both using pencil and crayon media.

Known as the idol with the trendiest visuals, that’s why netizens chose Seulgi to join the female version of SuperM. Besides having a good voice and flexible choreography, he is also good at playing guitar.

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In the middle of last year, he and Irene formed a sub unit with a single titled “Monster”. The mini album released by the sub unit was recorded as the best-selling in Hanteo’s history, previously held by girl generation sub unit, TTS with “Twinkle”.

Wendy Red Velvet

Wendy Red Vevet

This Red Velvet member is known as a genius in all fields. When he was in junior high school, he was awarded a special award for outstanding students given by Barack Obama. He was also inducted into the Hall of Fame as the school’s brightest student.

The owner of the birth name Song Seung Wan is also proficient in foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese. With his intelligence, he chose the way of life as a musician.

Wendy was recorded as a choir member at Richmond Hill High School, she was also frequently involved in musicals at the school. The 26-year-old is known to be good at playing piano, guitar, flute, saxophone.

Born with a myriad of talents, Wendy did not escape the attention of netizens. His talent made his name in the ranks of idols who are suitable to be members of the female version of SuperM.

Winter AESPA

Winter AESPA, the female superM version

Sm Entertainment’s rookie idol Winter AESPA was also widely selected as a female member of SuperM. Since being introduced as a member of the new girl group, the visuals have become the lips of the community.

The owner of the original name Kim Min Jeong is expected to be the next generation of Taeyeon Girl Generation. He held the position of lead dancer and vocal lead at AESPA. This sweet girl does have a distinctive melodious voice, as well as mesmerizing choreography skills.

At the beginning of his debut, he already showed strong character as an idol. Winter is also predicted to be popular beyond his seniors.

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