In addition to Jennie “BLACKPINK”, 8 Women Rumored to Have Dated With G-Dragon


Today, K-pop fans are horrified by the news of G-Dragon “BIGBANG” and Jennie “BLACKPINK” dating. This news was immediately reported by one of the largest news agencies in Korea, Dispatch on Wednesday (24/2/2021).

In the report, they are said to often spend time together in G-Dragon’s apartment in hannam area. In fact, Dispatch also said that the relationship between the two YG Entertainment artists has been established for more than a year.

Before rumored dating with Jennie “BLACKPINK“, the leader of BIGBANG has also been rumored to date with several women, both from domestic and foreign artists. Who are the women? let’s take a good look!

Kiko Mizuhara

G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara by Dispatch

In 2015, G-Dragon was rumored to be dating Kiko Mizuhara, a Japanese-American model. The news comes after the release of their intimate photos and videos released by the Dispatch.

Previously, news of their closeness had become gossip in 2010, but had disappeared and appeared several times in several years. Many fans say that G-Dragon’s relationship with Kiko Mizuhara is among the most famous and mysterious scandals. Even their theory of breakup became a public conversation.

Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu G-dragon
Photos of Nana Komatsu and G-Dragon

In addition to Kiko Mizuhara, the owner of kwon jiyong’s real name has also been rumored to be dating another Japanese woman named Nana Komatsu who is also a famous artist and model from Japan.

The news comes after G-Dragon’s Instagram account was hacked by someone. In the account that was privatized there are pictures of him with the woman who is suspected to be Nana Komatsu. Not only that, this news was discussed after the two became models for Nylon magazine in 2016.

After the project was completed, the two still met frequently in several places. This is evidenced by the spread of a video of a meeting between G-Dragon and Nana in a restaurant. However, the relevant parties were reluctant to open up about the news.

Ahn Sohee (Former Wonder Girls)

Ahn Sohee (Former Wonder Girls)
Ahn Sohee Photos

In 2007 news of the closeness between G-Dragon and Ahn Sohee horrified fans. The news comes after BIGBANG and Wonder Girls collaborated to sing tell me and lies. Not only that, the news of their dating is further strengthened when the two are found wearing the same item. However, there was never any confirmation from either G-Dragon or Ahn Sohee himself.

Taeyeon (Girls Generation)

Taeyeon Photos

This time came from SM Entertainment artist Taeyeon. The Leader of Girlband Girls Generation has also been rumored to be close to G-Dragon. This news circulated after they often used the same items.

In addition, they also uploaded several photos that are interconnected so that fans also think that the two have a special relationship.

News of G-Dragon and Taeyeon’s closeness was also reported by a South Korean tabloid. However, the agency both denied the news.

Sulli (f(x))

Sulli (f(x))
Sulli Photos

In 2017, the late Sulli (f(x) was also in the spotlight due to news of his closeness to G-Dragon. This news started from a photo of Sulli together with the GD manager. In addition, the two were also found to have visited the amusement park with two of Sulli’s best friends, Goo Hara and Gain. Moreover, there are some fans who see both using the same ring.

Regarding the ring, YG Entertainment denied any closeness between the two. The ring used was the result of a friend who knew G-Dragon and the late Sulli.

Sandara (2Nei1)

Sandara (2Nei1)
Sandara Park Photos

Furthermore, the woman who was once rumored to be close to G-Dragon was Sandara Park, a former member of 2Nei1. The two are label mates who have been frequently paired by fans since 2005.

News of their closeness emerged after the two were often spotted together. In fact, fans have gathered a lot of evidence about the closeness of G-Dragon and Sandara. However, the news was denied by their agency YG Entertainment.

Goo Hara

Goo Hara and G-dragon
Goo Hara Photos

The late Goo Hara was also reportedly close to G-Dragon, especially after the two were caught visiting Lotte World. At that time, they did not go alone because there was Gain and the late Sulli. However, fans are convinced that between Goo Hara and G-Dragon there is a connection. However, the news was denied by the late Goo Hara. They explained that the two were just close friends.

Lee Joo Yeon

Lee Joo Yeon
Lee Joo Yeon Photos

In early 2018, the world of K-pop was horrified by a Dispatch post showing the closeness between G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon as a member of After School. Not only that, Dispatch also reported that the two had spent three days together on Jeju Island. However, this news was eventually denied. Lee Joo Yeon is called only a close friend and happens to know G-Dragon’s manager. So, they often meet because they know each other as friends.

Well, that’s the review of a row of women who were once rumored to be dating G-Dragon which was finally debunked. For the latest news about G-Dragon who is dating Jennie “BLACKPINK”, is it true or not huh?

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