Infinite, Boyband With Famous “Scorpion Dance”

Infinite, Boyband With Famous "Scorpion Dance"

Infinite is a South Korean boy band known for “Scorpion Dance”. The group is a brother group of Golden Child. The agency that houses the boy band is Woolim Entertainment, an agency that also houses girl group Lovelyz.

The boy band began appearing in public through the reality show “You Are My Oppa”. After that, on June 9, 2010 the boy band officially made its debut. On that debut they launched an EP titled First Invasion. The two lead singles in the EP are She’s Back and Comeback Again.

Infinite Personnel Biodata

Infinite Personnel Biodata
Infinite Personnel Biodata

Here is a short biodata of boyband personnel who launched this song Nothing’s Over.


This man has the real name Kim Sunggyu. He was born in Jeolla on April 28, 1989. He is a South Korean citizen. Sunggyu has a height of 178. His blood type A. In this boy band Sunggyu’s position is Leader and Main Vocalist. He is an expert at songwriting and speaks Mandarin. Sunggyu’s hobby is watching movies.


His real name is Jang Dong Woo. Dongwoo was born in Gyeonggi on November 22, 1990. His nationality is South Korean. He is 175 cm tall and has blood type A.

Dongwoo is a Sagittarius. He is a rapper, dancer, and vocalist in the boy band. In his spare time, he enjoys doing his hobby of ice skating.


Woohyun has the real name Nam Woo Hyun. He was born in Seoul on February 8, 1991. He is a South Korean citizen. Woohyun’s height is 176 cm.

His blood type is B. In this boy band, he occupies the position of lead dancer and main vocalist. He has a special skill that is unique in imitation. One of the members of this famous boy band loves to cook.


This man’s real name is Lee Sungyeol. He was born on August 27, 1991 in Gyeonggi. His nationality is South Korean. Sungyeol is 184 cm tall. Sungyeol’s blood type is B. He is the lead rapper and vocalist in the boy band. Sungyeol’s skill is acting.


In addition to being known as L, it also has the pelvic name Myungsoo. His full name is Kim Myung so. He was born in Seoul, March 13, 1992. I have South Korean citizenship status. He is a drama actor who has tried many roles, such as in the drama Angel’s Last Mission Love.

His height is 180 cm and his blood type O. Having a handsome and charisma face and melodious voice makes L occupy a visual position, face of group. vocalist. I’m an expert at speaking Japanese. My hobby is eating.

Sung Jong

Lee Sung Jong was born in Seoul on September 3, 1993. He is a South Korean citizen. Sung Jong is 179 cm tall. His blood type is A.

In this boy band he occupied the position of maknae and vocalist. Sung Jong’s special skill is to be able to write using both hands. Sung Jong loves to listen to music.

Infinite Career Journey

Infinite Career Journey
Infinite Career Journey

At the beginning of its debut, the boy band had a member of 7 people. However, in 2011, when they were in the midst of success, one of their members, Hoya, decided to leave the group.

Then Hoya also left Woollim Entertainment in 2017. Today the boy band consists of 6 people, namely L, Sungjong, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Sunggyu, and Dongwoo.

On January 6, 2011, the boy band released their second MINI album. The MINI album was named Evolution. The main track on Evolution’s album is BTD (Before The Dawn). From this BTD song, they became more famous through the Scorpion Dance movement. This movement is very legendary and very difficult to ignore.

Although it has reached the peak of popularity, the boy band has also been hit by the issue of threatened to disband. However, thanks to the hard work of each member, they made it through well. Today it doesn’t feel like the boy band has celebrated a decade of musical career.


During his 10 years in the work, the boy band has taken home numerous awards and nominations. In 2012 at the Golden Disk Awards they won the “Disk Bonsang Award” and “Hallyu Icon Award”.

In the event they were also nominated for the “Most Popular Artist Award” and “MSN Most Popular Artist Award”. In 2011, at the Seoul Music Awards they were nominated for the “Popularity Award”.

The following year at the same event they were nominated for “Bonsang Award” and “Popularity Award”. At the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2011 they were nominated for Song of The Year. They were also nominated for “Best Dance Performance by a Male Group”. There are many other awards earned by this boy band.

Infinite Albums and Songs List

On the mini-album First Impression (2010), they released 6 songs namely Infinity, Come Back Again, Entrust, Fixed Star, She’s Back, and Wings. On their second album, Over The Top (2011) there are 10 songs. Some of these songs are 1/3, Amazing, Be Mine, Because, Crying, Julia, Over the Top, Real Story, Tic Toc, and Time.

Their latest album INFINITE AIR (2017) contains 11 songs. The album’s title track is Air, One Day, Zero, Toki, and more. In addition to having multiple albums, they also released sub units and solo albums.

Official Site Infinite


The boy band has the official name of fandom namely Inspirit. The official color of this boyband fandom is pearl metal gold. If you are one of the Inspirit and want to know more information about them, you can visit their Official V Live Infinite Channel. You can also follow their official instagram account which is @official_ifnt_ and twitter namely @official_ifnt.

So information about infinite boyband. Hopefully can provide information especially for you Inspirit.

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