Inspirational, This Is What Korean Artist Kang Daniel Did During the Pandemic

Inspirational, This Is What Korean Artist Kang Daniel Did During the Pandemic

Kang Daniel always attracts every attention around him, from his good looks and career so far. Achievements are always scored by him, the sale of his solo album is up to 1 million copies more.

Previously known as produce 101 Season 2 participants who managed to get the first rank in Produce 101 Season 2 and became a center in the group Want One. However, he wants to build with both hands. The agency he established was Konnect Entertainment.

Kang Daniel During Pandemic

Strict rules in protecting themselves from a major pandemic make Kang Daniel obey him well. Because it has always been comfortable at home, making the artist is not surprised and enjoy every time in his house.

Kang Daniel can make it home at any time for as long as he needs. Because enjoying and keeping great opportunities always at home, makes Daniel interested in social experiments to prove the homebody side in who he is.

Several plans have been prepared if the rules of silence in the house are completed, namely by trying skydiving. This plan is Daniel’s desire to add experience as well as fill the day with lots of tries.

Kang Daniel’s Achievement in Solo Album Sales

Kang Daniel's Achievement in Solo Album Sales
Kang Daniel’s Achievement in Solo Album Sales

Konnect Entertainment in processing sales and supporting the process of making the album, finally can get high satisfaction and success.

Starting from the album ‘Color on Me’ which sold 472,811 copies, then ‘CYAN’ reached 265,101 copies, and Magenta which penetrated 273,468 copies. All that if total managed to get 1,011,380 copies, cool yes. Even the song Who U Are can have 18 million Youtube viewers.

Kang Daniel’s Bio and Facts

For the un30-year-old, here’s the full artist’s bio as well as the facts about this artist.

It has daniel’s stage name and his surname is Kang. This handsome man had his birthday on December 10, 1996 and was in Sagittarius. He is a native of Korea and has a height of 180 cm, weight 68 kg and blood type A.

His social media username, Instagram @daniel.k.here, then Twitter @konnect_danielk, on Youtube: KONNECT Entertainment, if you want to stop by vLive: Kang Daniel, Café Daum: Kang Daniel Official, if you want to visit the website: http://danielk.konnectent.com/, and finally have the fandom name ‘DANITY’.

Kang Daniel’s Facts

First, he has a real real name, Kang Euigeon. But he changed legally. That’s because many find it difficult to mention Euigeon’s name.

Second, he was the only child in his family. Third, in Produce 101 Season 2, he got 1,578,837 votes to become 1st place and get a position as a center in the boy band Wanna One. Fourth, doing 100 push-ups a day makes Daniel’s shoulders 60 cm wide.

Fifth, when she gets some free time, she will choose or look for fashion and clothes. It’s easy to laugh even if the jokes given are funny, then like to talk to yourself. When he sleeps, he will snore loudest among others.

Sixth, scored an achievement in guiness book because it can get 1 million Instagram followers in the shortest time from others.

Seventh, on March 3, 2019, Daniel broke his contract with LM Entertainment. Then, on June 9, 2019, he successfully built an agency, KONNECT Entertainment.

Eighth, debuted as a soloist on July 25, 2019 with the single song ‘What Are You Up To’.

Ninth, Daniel confirms his relationship with Jihyo Twice.

Tenth, the woman she dreams of is an older person and can be used as a role model for her life.

The Side That Not Everyone Knows

The Side That Not Everyone Knows
The Side That Not Everyone Knows

Everyone keeps every dark side and the other side. Included in the life of this artist. Here are the famous meanings of the idol before becoming a great artist:

First. As a child, his life was not like that of a child in general. He had to swallow bitterness with his beloved Mother. His father left them both at a time when the financial situation was bad.

The economic distress caused Daniel to quit school because he was not strong enough to see his mother struggling so hard while bearing the burden of school fees.

Second. During school, she was always ridiculed for her fat posture, squint eyes, and ugly face. Always getting this makes Daniel motivated and struggling hard in weight loss. Finally, be the Kang Daniel we see now.

Third. Try hard and practice dancing and singing regularly. To get a unanimous voice and flexible dance moves need hard training and discipline. His mother supported Daniel in every training session and won the race in Busan in junior high school.

Because of the hard fight he was eventually recruited by small agencies, namely B2N Entertainment and MMO Entertainment.

Fourth. Give your best there is sacrifice. Daniel always prioritizes high performance in his dance, it makes him often get physical injuries. However, all were paid for the praise of her dance prowess and was greeted with great fanfare.

Fifth. Daniel was a man of a gentle heart and a warm person. Those close to him can feel that strong aura. Having high life values, makes everyone feel motivated to fight.

Become a Famous Model

Kang Daniel Becomes a Famous Model
Kang Daniel Becomes a Famous Model

Being a model since joining Wanna One, Daniel continues the job until now. Jobs such as modeling for Elle, Marie Claire, CQ, The Star, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, and so on.

Then famous brands, such as Kissing Heart, Reebok, Louis Vuitton, Puma, and The Spring Home, to become their brand ambassadors.

The popularity of this artist can not be taken lightly. Every company that makes Daniel a brand ambassador and model in magazines, claims to be increasing their sales.

Kang Daniel’s every struggle from start to finish takes him into this beautiful and special circle.

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