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Korean Drama She Would Never Known

Korean dramas are spectacles produced by the Korean state, and divided per episode with certain subtitles even in certain seasons. Usually the number of drama episodes ranges from 10-20, with a duration of about 30 minutes per episode.

However, not a few dramas have many episodes, some even reach hundreds. Even so, the fans are not few, usually from among the eves. Let’s check out a unique and romantic Korean drama

True Beauty, Korean Drama Webtoon Adaptation

The drama adapted from yaongnyi’s webtoon series “The Secret of Angel” (Kim Nayoung) tells the story of Lim Ju-kyung who is bullied by his friends in junior high because of his ordinary face. From her bad experience, she tried to learn makeup to beautify herself.

Her makeup skills made her look better in high school, she became popular. Although her face is already beautiful because of her makeup, but Jukyung’s personality does not change.

She is described as a beautiful woman with low confidence, because of her past. Therefore, she is very afraid of her friends seeing her real face, unfortunately her fear is evident when Su ho, her classmate recognizes Jukyung’s face without makeup. In this drama, the characters involved with Jukyung are Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun. This is where their story begins.

The drama was released on December 9, 2020, still ongoing today. This genre of drama is romantic, comedy and slice of life. Lim Ju-kyung’s character is played by Moon Ga-young,Lee Su-ho is played by Cha Eun-woo, and Han Seo-jun by Hwang In-yeop.

The Uncanny Counter

drama The Uncanny Counter
The Uncanny Counter

This drama series is also a webtoon adaptation of Jang Yi’s “Amazing Rumor”. Airing for 16 episodes, from November 28, 2020 to January 24, 2021, the drama is also available on Netflix to international audiences.

Telling the story of people who refer to themselves as counters, they have a mission to eradicate the evil spirits that roam the Earth. Each counter person has a unique special ability.

One of them is So Moon, the youngest counter member who has special physical strength. This fantasy and mystery drama is played by Jo Byung-gyu, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, Yeom Hye-ran, and other supporting actors.

Sweet Home, Korean Drama Begenre Thriller

This Korean horror, psychological and supernatural drama first aired on December 18, 2020. Just like before, the play was adapted from Webtoon Sweet Home, having another title City Couple’s Way of Love. Kim Kan Bi and Hwang Young Chan are the people behind Sweet Home comics, experienced writers who are experts in thrillers.

The drama tells the story of a teenager named Cha Hyun so. Since his family died in a car accident, he has become an antisocial person, rarely coming out of his apartment. One day, there was a strange event as people mysteriously turned into monsters.

This certainly makes Cha Hyun so, and other apartment dwellers do everything possible to survive, including fighting monsters. In addition to suspenseful terror, this drama presents a story of cooperation and concern for each other.

The drama received a lot of support from the best actors such as Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Do Hyun. There are even many other famous actresses, Lee Shi Young, Park Gyu Young, and Go Min Shi. The good news is that the drama will also air to international audiences on Netflix starting December 18, 2020.

She Would Never Known

For viewers who love romantic stories, this drama is perfect for you to watch, telling about complicated love stories. An adaptation of Elise’s novel of the same name, the drama tells the story of Chae Hyun Seung, a young man who is attracted to his co-worker Yoon Song Ah.

Women who work as marketers of this commercial brand, is a perfectionist person. Her goal is to create her own cosmetics brand. This story becomes complicated, when Yoon Song Ah refuses to be in a relationship with Chae Hyun Seung, because he is not interested in younger men.

Moreover, Yoon Song Ah plans to marry another man. This Korean drama just aired on January 18, 2021, with 16 episodes. The cast is Rowoon, Won Ji Ah, Lee Hyun Wook.

Love Alarm 2

Drama Love Alarm 2
Love Alarm 2

Sukse with the previous drama series Love Alarm season 1, in 2021 the drama re-launched season 2. Originally planned, the drama will be released on August 22, 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Jung Garam being involved in sudden conscription, the drama finally withstated to air in 2021.

Love Alarm 2 itself tells about the Joalarm app, which tells its users when someone he likes is at a distance of 10 meters. The app cannot specifically explain the personal data of the person the user likes.

However, it can reveal the number of people the user likes. Because the apps Joalarm, Jojo, Hwang Sun Oh, and Hye Yeong, get caught up in a love triangle. This romantic drama available on Netflix has the support of Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Garam.

Royal Secret Agent

Korean drama Royal Secret Agent
Royal Secret Agent

This Korean drama about a detective first aired on December 21, 2020, for 16 episodes. The drama set in this kingdom tells the story of a secret inspector of the kingdom who has a mission to eradicate illegal acts and corruption of public officials.

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Sung Yi Gyeom carries out his mission with Hong Da In and Park Chun Sam. Hong Da In is the female inspector who helps him solve the case, while Park Chun Sam is Sung Yi Gyeom’s servant. This detective, comedy and historical drama has the support of Kwon Na Ra, Kim Myung so and Lee Tae Hwan.

Those are some of the list of unique Korean dramas in 2021. Which one is your favorite?

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