ITZY’s Comeback Next April Titled ‘Guess Who’

Next April's Comeback with a Work Titled "Guess Who"

ITZY’s surprise comeback horrified the girl group’s fans, and it turned out that they would be back in April. The youngest girl group under JYP Entertainment announced its comeback in late April. At some time ago, at midnight KST time, JYP Entertainment released the first teaser of ITZY’s comeback. In the poster written “Guess Who” with a release schedule of April 30, 2021 at 13.00 KST or 11.00 WIB.

This is the girl group’s second surprise in the past month for MIDZY. Previously, Ryujin CS released the song MIDZY, after their fandom name, on March 13.

Meanwhile, this will be ITZY’s comeback in the last 8 months. Since its 2019 debut, the girl group last released a song in August 2020 titled Not Shy.

IZTY Comeback, Latest Poster Release Titled “Guess Who”

IZTY Comeback, Latest Poster Release Titled "Guess Who"
IZTY Comeback, Latest Poster Release Titled “Guess Who”

ITZY, Kpop Group by JYP Entertainment announced a comeback in late April 2021. The announcement was uploaded on the Twitter account page @ITZYofficial in the form of a “Guess Who” poster.

This is the second comeback of the year after they released the English mini album “Not Shy” last January. The Korean version of the album “Not Shy” has been released since August 2020. It contains about six songs, including “Not Shy”.

The announcement of ITZY’s comeback was welcomed by the internet, especially on Twitter. MIDZY participated in enlivening the hashtag #ITZY_GuessWho that had become the number 10 trending topic on Twitter.

On her Twitter account, the girl group also announced the pre-order of the album “Guess Who” which was released on April 30, 2021. The preview of the album consists of posters, mini folding posters, photocards, postcards, CD-R, sticker packs, as well as photobooks from all ITZY members.

ITZY is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2019. Jyp Entertainment’s group became one of the influential 4th generation idol groups in the agency.

A group of 5 members, Yeji as leader, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna. In its first year, the girl group won rookie of the year award. The award was at the Asia Artist Awards. In addition, they also won several other awards as the best newcomer artist or best new group.

ITZY Comeback, Will It Return to Perform Summer Songs?

ITZY Comeback, Will It Return to Perform Summer Songs?
ITZY Comeback, Will It Return to Perform Summer Songs?

ITZY is quite active in the K-Pop music industry after their debut with dalla dalla song in 2019. The song skyrocketed and was truly popular among K-Pop lovers. The concept of girl crush displayed by ITZY was received by many people well.

After DALLA DALLA, ITZY again released a single album titled IT’z ICY, his flagship song titled ICY. Still with the same message and type of music, ICY also scored the success of ITZY’sdebut song.

Then ITZY released a WANNABE song that did not escape the conversation. Especially after the fancam video of Ryujin’s shoulder movement when performing this song on the music show went viral.

WANT TO BE included as ITZY’s fastest MV that gets 100 million viewers on YouTube. A highly coveted achievement by K-Pop idols who release mv through the platform.

WANT TO BE succeeded in bringing the girl group to the peak of popularity through victories in music events. Thanks to this song, they successfully took home 8 trophies from the television music show.

Itzy debuted in 2019 under JYP Entertainment. The five members are Ryujin, Lia, Yeji, Yuna and Chaeryeong. Jeon Somi was rumored to be debuting with the group. Before finally she made her debut decision as a solo singer under the sub-label YG Entertainment.


K-Pop girl group ITZY announced their comeback in April 2021. The announcement was uploaded via their meds at midnight South Korean time.

From the uploaded poster, they will return with the title guess who. In the caption, the comeback hits will appear April 30, 2021 at 1 pm KST.

Not long ago, they just released a special video for the MIDZY. Friday (30/3), ITZY released the song MIDZY in two language versions, namely Korean and English.

The announcement of ITZY’s return received a rapturous reception from netizens in several countries. In Indonesia, the hashtag #ITZY_GUESSWHO had become trending number 10.

ITZY Comeback Is More Anticipated After The Release of The Latest Training Videos and Posters

ITZY Comeback Is More Anticipated After The Release of The Latest Training Videos and Posters
ITZY Comeback Is More Anticipated After The Release of The Latest Training Videos and Posters

The Asia Artist Awards 2020 was held on November 28. This event presents several actors, actresses, idol groups, including ITZY. Now the girl group is becoming a chat because her comeback is anticipated.

ITZY performed at the event, followed by JYP Entertainment which released a dance practice video on its YouTube channel. The group of 5 also teased admirers with a new photo.

In the photo, ITZY members appear sporty. They’re wearing tracksuit costumes. Shin Ryujin and friends flashed a strong impression by wearing crop tops paired with shorts and tracksuit bottoms.

Itzy’s videos and photos are inevitably the subject of internet conversation. On online community websites, netizens express their love for the concept of “strong”. Warganet commented that “ITZY was born to have a concept of this look”.

Although some explain that the video itself is quite crowded, most agreed that the teaser poster made them miss the return of ITZY. Netizen also wants to see a girl group with a myriad of talents re-release the latest work.

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