Jackson Wang: This Is The Reason Not To Promote Solo in Korea

After Switching to Team Wang, Jackson Wang Reveals Why He Never Promoted Solo In Korea

Jackson Wang briefly attended and greeted GOT7 fans in a talk show on the podcast program “Get Real” organized by Dive Studio. On that occasion, Jackson as a guest star talked about a variety of topics.

But Jackson’s remarks about him never promoting Korean solos attracted the attention of many netizens. Although he has released many solo songs, Jackson has not been allowed to do so by JYP Entertaiment for Korean promotions.

Jackson Wang: Here’s Why Koreans Don’t Get Promoted

“I can work as a soloist in any country, except Korea. That’s the deal. Since the contract is now over, I’m trying to bring everything back here (Korea).” Jackson said.

He was not allowed to promote his korean solo at the time due to a contract with his old agency, JYP Entertaiment.

The HongKong singer became the first GOT7 member to confirm the news of the group’s termination of contract with JYP. The seven GOT7 members are reported to have not renewed their contracts with JYD Entertaiment. They have all left the JYD agency and plan to follow their respective career paths.

On the occasion of the talk show, Jackson Wang also talked about their group’s future plans. Jackson plans to promote her solo in Korea this year.

“I started working in Korea this year. We have just completed our contract with JYP Entertaiment,”

The 26-year-old singer explained that this year they are still preparing for their respective solo albums.

GOT7 Members Who Contract With New Agencies

GOT7 Members Who Contract With New Agencies
GOT7 Members Who Contract With New Agencies

Some GOT7 members choose to have employment contracts with new agencies, but some don’t. Jinyoung has been working with BH Entertaiment for the signing of his new employment contract. Youngjae is rumored to be sheltered under the Sublime Artist Agency which has housed many artists, one of whom is Song Kang Ho.

JB reportedly received an offer from a well-known hip hop label and plans to find a place that can support him becoming a soloist.

Jackson said that other GOT7 members are also preparing for their solo next year.

“JB and Yugyeom are preparing their album. Youngjae is preparing the album, and I’m preparing an English and a Chinese album.” He said.

Bambam is rumored to be enjoying his activities in Thailand and Korea. Meanwhile, Mark decides to return to his hometown in Los Angeles, USA.

Mark chose to spend his time hanging out with his family and plans to create his personal YouTube channel. In addition, he also considered his plans to make his solo music in the United States.

Jackson Wang’s fans were quite surprised by Jackson’s remarks as he prepared for his solo in Korea. The fans are very happy to hear the good news.

A fan expressed his excitement that Jackson could quit JYP without any problems “I was surprised by the content of the contract, but now I’m not worried anymore. He’s free,” said another fan.

After his contract with JYP expired, the 1994-born singer had the freedom to promote his solo songs. He can now meet fans who are in Korea later through his solo activities.

Jackson Wang’s Activity After Completing His Contract With JYP

Jackson Wang's Activity After Completing His Contract With JYP
Jackson Wang’s Activity After Completing His Contract With JYP

Jackson’s activities will be privately held by team wang label which is a self-founded label by Jackson. Wang’s team confirmed the news through his response to Sina Entertaiment.

Sina Entertaiment via Weibo reported that Jackson would follow Youngjae to join the same agency. Youngjae and Jackson are now under the Sublime Artist Agency (SAA).

After negotiating with SAA, jackson’s label officially cooperated with Sublime Artist Agency. Regarding this cooperation was officially announced by the SAA on Friday (22/01).

Sublime Artist Agency is willing to cooperate with Team Wang

Through his personal Twitter account, Jackson Wang shared the happy news with netizens.

“I always wish I could make you all proud. I am so grateful to have you all.” The sentence he wrote on @JacksonWang852 account as a thank you for the support he received.

A Career That Brings Many Achievements

A Career That Brings Many Achievements
A Career That Brings Many Achievements

Before becoming a member of GOT7, the singer, whose other name is Wang Ka Yee, was a hongkong national team fencer. On the team he was ranked 11th at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics.

Jackson also won the Asian Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships in 2011. Jackson has also been awarded roommate candidates for the Best Male Rookie Award-Variety. The award was at the SBS Entertaiment Award in 2014.

In addition to being a singer, jackson’s birth name owner Wang Jia Er is also a rapper, dancer. From 2014 to 2015, Jackson has shown his career in various fields.

Jackson had two drama titles in 2015. One of the plays he played was Dream Knight. From 2014 to 2015, Jackson participated in about 19 variety shows on various television stations.

Thanks to the persistence of his efforts, Jackson Wang has now reached the peak of his success. Now he is free to promote his solo, both inside and outside Korea.

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