Jake Paul Controversy, Latest Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Jake Paul Controversy, Latest Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Youtuber Jake Paul once again caught the attention of netizens, this time the owner of tens of millions of subscribers was feuding with Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a video that went viral, Jake allegedly punched Mayweather. The fight took place during a press conference between Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul and Mayweather JR. in Miami, United States of America. Here’s a series of his conversions that attract the attention of the internet.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. feuds

A video that went viral on social media shows the moment Jake Paul provoked Mayweather Jr.’s emotions by challenging him to a fight. The two then went into a war of mouths. Not getting there, Jake then took Mayweather’s hat, making the atmosphere even more heated. The boxer nicknamed Money allegedly punched Jake. But according to Jake, the wound on his face was not due to Mayweather’s punch but rather from the former boxing world champion’s bodyguard.

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Jake Paul Annoys His Neighbors For Being Noisy

Having more than 20 million followers on YouTube, in 2017 he came into the spotlight because of complaints from his neighbors about his vlog activities. The 24-year-old man is thought to be noisy and endangers the surrounding area. As a result, he was laid to rest by the Disney Channel from the show ‘Bizaardvark’.

Putting Up Rates for Wedding Goers

Jake Paul was again in controversy when he married his fiancée Tana Mongeau in 2019. The couple paid a fee to their fans who wanted to watch their wedding live broadcast in Las Vegas, Saturday (7/27/2019). Through streaming video, they ‘sold’ the wedding ceremony starting from US$ 50 (around Rp 700,000) to US$ 74 (Around Rp 1 million).

Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Harassment

A TikTok artist named Justine Paradise claimed to have been harassed by Jake in mid-2019. In the video of his confession, he says that the sexual abuse took place in Los Angeles, which is at Jake’s house. According to Justine, Jake was partying at his house, and he was asked to go into his bedroom. As quoted from 7News, Jake then forced himself to perform oral sex.

Ever Searched by FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searches Jake Paul’s California residence, August 2020. According to TMZ, the search found a firearm. This is the investigation after the violence that occurred in May 2020 at an Arizona mall. Reported by CNN, in June 2020, Jake Paul was ensnared in a break-in after a video showed him in Scottsdale, Arizona, during a looting at the mall.

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