Ji so Writes Apology After Being Accused of Bullying

Ji soTulis Apologizes After Being Accused of Bullying

Actor Ji so expressed his apology after being accused of bullying during his school days. The apology he wrote on his personal Instagram social media account on Thursday (4/3/2021).

“I sincerely apologize to the people who suffered because of me. There’s no reason for my past mistakes. These are unforgivable things,” the letter reads.

He added, “When I started my acting career, I got a lot of interest from the public with my past still hidden, and I think that’s how I ended up here today.”

Through the letter, it seems that the actor admitted all the allegations related to bullying he did first.

“But there’s always a part of me that feels guilty about the past. And my regret that it arrived too late to turn things around, always made me anxious,” she added.

Kim Ji so's Letter
Kim Ji so’s Letter of Apology

Ji so reveals that he will now make amends for those who have been hurt by his actions. He also apologized for continuing to act when there were people who suffered because of him.

Now, Ji so herself is starring in one of the colossal dramas titled River Where The Moon Rises which airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2.

I was tormented and felt guilty about the fact that I had done tremendous damage to the TV, producers, actors, and the entire staff who secretly worked the drama venue (River Where the Moon Rises), he continued.

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Timeline of Ji so Bullying Case

On Tuesday (2/3/2021), someone uploaded a post on an online forum accusing Ji so of violence at school. The author (hereinafter written as A) says that he went to school with Ji so in high school from 2006 to 2008.

“Kim Ji so had a bigger body than other children her age at the time. Since his second year of high school in 2007, he explored school as a bad boy and did various bad deeds,” A wrote as reported from Soompi. A also said that the bullies at that time were quite systematic, including Kim Ji so.

First, if any of their members experience something even a little unpleasant, they will all beat up the person who has hurt his friend. In addition, they will also trample in a derogatory manner.

A claims that Ji so and his friends forced his classmates to buy him cigarettes. They also threw food at other students at lunch and laughed. A claimed to be the victim of violence at school such as extortion, humiliation, exile, to receiving harsh words.

It started when B, one of the bad boys in Kim Ji so’s group took another student’s gift certificate. A then went to B and said he would report to the police if he didn’t return the certificate.

Since then the U.S. has been the target of violence in schools. However, after her confession on the online forum, two more people also appeared who also said they had received abusive treatment from Ji so. One man said he had been beaten constantly, and another said he had been verbally abused.

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