Divorced After 6 Years of Marriage, Here’s Eli U-KISS’s Love Journey

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Some time ago, the unsettling news came from a celebrity couple from South Korea,Eli U-KISS. The singer and actor, whose real name is Kim Kyong Jae, announced his divorce. The news was written through a personal social media account, she officially parted ways with Ji Yeon Seo.

The idol’s upload surprised fans, because the household ark has been entwined since 2014. Not a few regretted the decision. Here’s Eli U-KISS’s love affair with Ji Yeon Seo before getting divorced.

1. Age Difference Far Enough

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Eli’s stage name is taken from Kim Kyong Jae’s American name, Ellison. His parents were native to South Korea, but settled in Virginia when he was a child. He was born on March 13, 1991, now 29 years old.

In the midst of U-KISS’s popularity, Eli decided to marry his girlfriend in 2014. At that time he was 23 years old, classified as very young for the size of an established male. Then this news had caused a public uproar. Many denounced the couple, but not a few gave their support.

Eli gets negative criticism because Ji Yeon Seo is 11 years older than her. This does not affect the couple, both of them remain active in their respective professions. Meskpipun his ex-wife had a vacuum from the modeling world long enough, due to taking care of the household and maternity leave.

The age difference does not hinder the love between the two lovebirds, at that time they still look romantic like a young couple. The two complement each other regardless of age.

2. Once Not Approved by Parents

That age range was the reason Eli’s parents didn’t approve of his marriage. Mom and Dad, who live in the United States, were saddened. In fact, Ji Yeon Seo’s parents are also against this. Until finally, the parents are devastated by the efforts made by their children.

Through a television program that aired in 2017, for the first time Eli took his wife and children to visit his parents abroad. Kelarganya gathered to spend time together while telling stories.

Eli admits that his mother was furious when he found out he had registered the marriage secretly. Even his father didn’t want to see his wife back then. However, both parents changed their minds after seeing the seriousness of their children in the household.

In a personal interview session, Eli’s mother broke down in tears knowing her son was not okay after news of his marriage was revealed. He felt there was no more reason to oppose marriage. He also praised the beauty of his son-in-law.

3. Eli U-KISS Married Secretly

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According to some sources, Eli briefly reveals his first meeting with Ji Yeon Seo. The two were reunited at a car gathering, at which point he fell in love at first sight. However, the woman who caught her attention was not at all interested in her.

At first, Ji Yeon Seo doesn’t respond well. However, Eli has remained persistent in expressing feelings consistently for a year. The effort made the woman’s model profession crumble.

In 2014, Eli and Ji Yeon Seo married secretly. No festive wedding ceremonies. Even the parents of the men did not know the good news.

One year later, Eli announced that she had assumed the status of husband and father. The wedding ceremony was officially held in 2017.

Although the couple received a lot of blasphemy from the nitizen, the two continued to perform the marriage solemnly.

4. Going through a Difficult Time Together

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Getting married secretly is not easy to get through, let alone a celebrity couple’s morning. Ji Yeon Seo reveals the difficulties of being an idol wife in Mr. House Husband’s television program. She had to hide the relationship, even her pregnancy so as not to be known to the public.

The celebrity couple’s personal life could have an impact on Eli’s then-active career with U-KISS. Even sadder, Ji Yeon Seo is unable to properly check her pregnancy in the hospital. As a result, he experienced a decrease in health that impacted the baby’s jabang.

The difficulties his wife faces, makes Eli determined to reveal his marriage. After it was revealed, luckily the couple had the support of various parties, especially the fans.

5. Eli U-KISS Dikarunai A Son

U-Kiss, Ji Yeon Seo, perceraian

One year after registering the marriage, in 2015 Eli and Ji Yeon Seo had a son named Min So or Michael. It was the birth of this cute baby that finally melted the hearts of eli’s two men.

Unfortunately, the 6-year-old’s marriage had to go down in the middle of the road. Although the decision was tough for both, there were strong reasons behind her divorce. To this day, news of Eli’s divorce remains a hot topic of conversation.

Long inaudible, Eli comes up with astounding news. The black photo upload caught the attention of bublik. The post was accompanied by a caption that broke her divorce.

He currently resides in the United States while his ex-wife and wife are in South Korea. Although far apart, he will one day see Michael as a good father figure.

Custody of her baby falls into Ji Yeon Seo’s hands, but Eli keeps trying to be the father figure she needs. More or less like that statement that was uploaded some time. The post was inundated with comments from Nitizen. Like the news of the marriage, her divorce was not fully supported. There are some accounts that give negative comments.

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