safe! Joy and Crush Are Officially Dating

Joy and Crush Are Officially Dating

One of the members of girl group Red Velved,Joy is officially dating soloist Crush, whose real name is Shin Hyo-seob. Their relationship immediately drew a public backlash. This news has also been confirmed by both agencies SM Entertainment and P-NATION. Joy and Crush began to get to know each other when the two duet in a song called MayDay, which was released in 2020.

Sport Chasun said the two have an interest in pets and the two often date by taking their dogs for walks. Although they have only met one person, they do not hesitate to establish a more serious relationship by being a couple.

In addition to the same interest, the age difference between the two that is not too far away also makes their communication run very natural. Joy is now 24 years old, while Crush is now 29 years old, meaning they are only 5 years old. The closeness of the two is also supported by their equally related professions in the entertainment industry.

Joy is a member of Kpop girl group Red Velved which is a third generation girl group whose debut had 4 members. Through the single Happines, Irene, Wendy, Seulgi and Joy display colorful concepts with cheerful songs. Until March 2015, red velved members increased with the inclusion of Yeri as the youngest member. Since then Red Velved officially has five members.

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Crush is a hip-hop singer who is in the shade of P-NATION. Since his career in 2012, Crush has spawned many albums, in addition to the songs are often turned into korean drama theme songs. You name it, Speepless Night which he sang with Puch and filled the soundtrack of the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love. One of the drama theme songs he sang and became popular with was Beautiful in goblin drama.

In addition to singing, the man born in 1992 is also known as a rapper and often won various music awards. Such as Best R&B in the Golden Disc Award 2017 and Best Icon Award (Singer Category) in asia artist awards 2018.

Thanks to these similarities, Joy and Crush finally settled for a romance. Each agency has confirmed it.

“They met as seniors and juniors recently, and they started dating,” SM Entertainment wrote on Ten Asia via Naver.

“Crush and Joy started dating after becoming seniors and juniors,” P-NATION said in Newsen via Naver, Monday (08/23/2021).

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