JYP Entertainment Announces 2PM Comeback Soon

JYP Entertainment Announces 2PM Comeback Soon

After news emerged of GOT7 leaving JYP Entertainment, the agency announced plans for a 2PM comeback. As is known, the senior boy group is on hiatus since 2017. Reportedly, they will again greet fans with a complete lineup.

Previously, 2PM did promotions not with full members because it carried out conscription duties (wamil). During the group in the vacuum period, some members are still active solo activities. In addition, there are also those who continue their careers in acting.

JYP Entertainment announced that the artist will make a comeback soon after Junho finishes the draft in March 2021. Meanwhile Chansung reportedly finished running state duties earlier this year.

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Of course, the Hottests around the world can’t wait for their favorite idol group to return to entertainment.

Fixed OT6 Despite Different Agency Members

JYP Entertainment Announces 2PM Comeback Soon

In mid-2018, Taecyeon had worried fans, because he did not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment. This led to speculation 2PM would continue with 5 personnel.

However, the agency that oversees him is currently giving a statement that the 32-year-old will continue to work as a member of the boy group. Taecyeon himself signed a contract with 51K on July 25, 2018.

The agency fully supports the activities of the artist, both as an idol and an actor. Thus, Taecyeon continued to show his talent from various works.

Not only getting support from 51K, JYP Entertainment also confirmed that 2PM performed comeback activities and promotions as 6 members.

According to other members, Taecyeon often talked about his desire to terminate the contract. All 2PM members appreciated the decision of their compatriots.

Chansung also stated that Taecyeon’s move to another agency would not affect the group’s integrity. Despite moving in any company, the integrity of 2PM remains a top priority.

Taecyeon decided not to renew the contract because he wanted to spread his wings in the role art world. As is known, she made her acting debut through the drama Cinderella (2010). Besides being popular as an idol, his name is quite shining as an actor.

Fans Have Worried About The Fate of Group 2PM Due to Too Long Hiatus

2PM Coming Soon

Surely Hottest certainly misses the presence of 2PM in the South Korean music industry. Because, their favorite group is on hiatus for a long time. This is because members are busy with personal activities, as well as some are running wamil.

2PM last made a comeback in 2016 with Gentleman’s Game. The album is part of the aniversary celebration of its 8th debut. After promoting the song, they have not performed as a group since 2017. Few questioned the continuity of the group’s fate.

Nichkhun, who is the only member to be off-duty, on SBS’s LoveFM radio show revealed that they will make a full-time comeback in early 2021.

During an interview with the media outlate Star Today, Chansung also got a question about the continuity of 2PM. Through the interview, he revealed he did not feel anxious. Seeing seniors like Shinwa and TVXQ stay cool when making a comeback.

According to Chansung, 2PM should also be able to do the same. What’s more they have loyal fans who are scattered around the world. He believes his friends are getting new synergies during his hiatus.

Have a Huge Fanbase, 2PM Free from 7-Year Curse

2PM Fan

In the K-Pop industry known as “Curse of 7 Years”, the idol group is believed to be disbanded after 7 years of career in the music industry. Whether caused by personal problems or conflicts with the company.

Undeniably, many idol groups decided to disband after 7 years. However, some of them managed to survive even though they had passed the 7th year. One of them is jyp entertainment senior group, 2PM.

Originally, 2PM debuted as 7 members in 2008. Unfortunately, Jay Park decided to leave in 2009. Before forming his own agency, he briefly carried out activities as a soloist under the auspices of the same agency.

Jay Park’s exit did not affect the popularity of 2PM. In fact, they are recorded as the most successful idol group. JYP Entertainment said revenue for one year reached $27.3 million.

While the concert held in Sakura Country generated revenue of 1.3 dollars, this amount does not include merchandise sales.

Can Defend Fans Despite Frequent Scandals


Jay Park has been accused of harassing south Korea’s music industry through social media accounts. The long-running problem caused this Man of American nationality to leave the group.

After Jay Park’s case receded, in 2012 Nichkhun was arrested by Gangnam police in Seoul, South Korea for drunken driving. Authorities found alkoho levels of 0.5% in the thai idol’s blood.

Nichkhun’s accident did not take any casualties, but the problem caused him to have to go on hiatus for several months from all 2PM activities.

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JYP Entertainment was attacked by fans because Wooyoung had an accident on stage in 2014. When the promotion of go crazy member’s song fell, lucky not to have suffered a severe injury.

A similar accident was experienced by another member, Jun.K fell from a 3-meter high stage. The incident occurred during a concert in Seoul on February 26, 2017. Reportedly, he suffered a broken bone, so 2PM activities were suspended.

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