Kaachi Girl band’s European debut in Plagiate

KAACHI, a European Girlgroup Suspected of Plagiarism

Kaachi Girl band’s European debut in Plagiate. Recently the world of Kpop was again horrified by the arrival of one of the girl bands who allegedly performed plagiarism. The first Kpop group to come from Europe named them KAACHI.

It debuted on April 15, 2020 under Frontrow Records. The Korea-Uk-based girl group immediately drew criticism from netizens for their controversial debut. KAACHI itself consists of 4 members namely Coco, Dani, Nicoled and Chunseo. They debuted globally with the song titled Your Turn on April 30, 2020, the song has even gained 2.6 million Views of YouTube users.

However, KAACHI’s desire to become the first Kpop group from Europe could not go smoothly. This is evidenced by the many scathing criticisms delivered by netizens to them.

Kaachi label Frontrow said in his interview that KAACHI members have received a lot of scathing criticism that psychically interferes with their mental and emotional development. Even the label says that threatening rumors, harsh words, or fakes will soon be reported to the police. The label considers this to be an understatement and should be held accountable.

So Doyeon was the first member of KAACHI to have the nickname Coco, this one member is from South Korea who was born on January 5, 1994. Having a position as a vocalist makes Coco have to always perform with a melodious voice, there was news that Coco wanted to get out of Kaachi. However, i don’t know what happened finally Coco remains in this group. Dani is the second member of KAACHI, has the real name Danielle Harte and was born on August 26, 1998. Just like other Girlgroups that always have Rappers, KAACHI also has Dani as their mainstay Rapper.

Nicole became the next member of KAACHI, having real name Nicole Hardisson Hernandez. Born on August 25, 1999 and has a position as a leader in the group. Being a leader at a young age makes Nicole have to keep learning firmly and guide other members. Chunseo is the last member and youngest member of the Group.

Ruth Guillem Gomez was born on May 28, 2000, making her the group’s most beloved Maknae. Speaking of the debut controversy and kaachi members who galvanize the world, it is good to understand in advance what the plagiarism allegations have been made by KAACHI. Thus netizens can judge for themselves whether this Group does plagiarism or simply tries to match other groups in terms of concept and so on.

Kaachi's Debut Conference, European Girl Group Suspected of Plagiarism
KAACHI – FrontRow

1. MV Similar to TXT and ITZY

The first allegation of KAACHI group doing plagiarism is the similarity of the scene carried out. In MV KAACHI it is thought that there are similar scenes with txt and ITZY groups. It starts with a similarity of motion graphics used, almost the same title font. Fans judge this is not a coincidence because it looks similar and has the same similarities between the two groups.

2. The Same Dance Movement

Many people make poor comments in this MV, this scathing critique of their dance moves that can be quite the same and imitate other group movements. Even some netizens also convey that the background of the place they use is almost the same as group TWICE. Despite many other dance moves, netizens still consider that KAACHI performs some plagiarism in its dance moves.

3. Purchase a GFriend Scene License

The next rumor that also caused controversy was the arrival of scene jams. Kaachi’s Dlam MV Your Turn and GFriend’s when they made their Comeback on Mnet Countdown are thought to have similarities. However, the label explains that the scene of the watch is already sold in general. So the label bought the license for use on Mv Your Turn.

4. Claiming They Are Kpop

KAACHI members mentioned that they were the first Kpop members from Europe. Of course this is very good because Kpop is already a trend in the European region though. However, for some this is not true. According to some people, Kpop has a special quality and is not careless. One of them is a firm and disciplined upbringing in terms of dance, language, and performance. The fact that the fact that kaachi is only one member is from South Korea and only one member can speak Korean. So many netizens who have not received when they claim to be kpop idols because for Korean only they are still limited.

Even in MV Your Turn, their use of Korean can be limited and very few. The polished rapper also uses English, so this makes netizens more likely to question them when claiming to be a Kpop group.

5. Logo Controversy

The thing that became controversial again in kaachi’s debut this time was the logo used. As we know, logos are important because they concern group identity. KAACHI has a logo that is quite unique and artistic. But who thought in the midst of the uniqueness of kaachi logo appeared a new controversy regarding the logo that is suspected plagiarism from some Kpop groups. Although it does not do logo plagiarism in full. KAACHI allegedly used blackpink, seventen and BTS group logo pieces to be used as their logo. Either this assumption is right or wrong, because until now KAACHI itself has not confirmed.

From the many controversies that occur in this KAACHI group, the audience can judge for themselves whether this group does plagiarism or purely their own ideas and creativity. Continue to provide support to KAACHI so that they can make a better comeback in the future.

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