First Mini Album Officially Released, Kai EXO Successfully Fascinated Fans In Music Video “Mmmh”


Recently, Kai who joined the superm group has released the album “Super One” in September 2020. However, not long after exactly on November 30, 2020, Kai EXO officially debuted solo. Released his first mini album KAI (ฐ) with a music video of the song titled “Mmmh” became the title track on his debut album.

The song titled Mmmh has an R&B pop concept with a melody that is very simple but still makes fans addicted. The song that tells the story of someone who is very confident to express his feelings to others he has just met. With his solo debut this time, Kai Exo has followed in the footsteps of other Exo members such as Baekhyun, Chen, and Suho who released more solo albums.

Kai Exo’s Performance in MV “Mmmh”

Kai, KAI EXO, album solo
Music Video Mmmh

Kai himself is known as Dancing Machine in EXO. With his dance skills that are getting better, Kai successfully attracted the attention of fans in the MV Mmmh. In addition, with his solo debut, he also showed that his vocal abilities are increasing and deserve a thumbs up. It can be said that this song is proof that Kai not only has the ability to dance but also in terms of singing.

Kai has a sexy and cool aura with his sharp eyes. It can be seen when he is on stage as well as in other music videos. Therefore, her appearance in MV “Mmmh” really shows Kai’s figure when in the world of stage which is very charismatic and sexy. It can also be seen from the choreography and costumes used.

Kai, KAI EXO, album solo

In addition to displaying a sexy impression, in this MV Kai also incorporates a concept where he teleports according to his superpowers in Exo. Kai did intentionally add this element of the past (teleportation) to his solo debut album. So, when fans watch the video, they’ll find Kai moving around teleporting.

Kai Exo’s first solo album hit the charts in 50 countries

Kai, KAI EXO, album solo
Exo Tweet

It looks like kai exo’s solo debut is highly anticipated by fans from all over the world. This is evidenced by the position that the mini album achieved after its release. Kai Exo’s first solo album topped the iTunes top albums chart in 50 countries including Indonesia, Europe, and the United States. Even Kai’s first mini album also ranked first on the Chinese charts including QQ Music and Kogou Music.

The mini album consists of 6 songs from various genres but the R&B genre remains the most dominating. The songs include Nothing on me, Amnesia, Reason, Ride or Die, Hello Stranger as well as Mmmh who is the title track on the album. His success in topping the charts proved that Kai’s first mini album was well received by the public, especially Kai Exo fans around the world.

Kai’s hopes of a solo debut

Kai revealed that the title of his solo album has the meaning of “open” which is in accordance with his desire to open the hearts of the general public. This aims to show the public about charm, sound, dance, and the other side as artists as well as human beings.

In his debut this time, the man born in 1994 is very hopeful that the public can get to know him not only part of exo members, but he also hopes that the public can get to know him personally who is hardworking and certainly has the ability to sing well. So, in this solo debut, Kai emphasizes more on performance where this becomes something that has become his ability from the past.

Two emblems appear in the ending music video “Mmmh”

Kai, KAI EXO, album solo

In the ending of the MV titled Mmmh, there appears a display of two symbols of superpower owned by Xiumin and D.O EXO. Currently, both are carrying out conscription. The appearance of the two emblems is thought to represent the return of two members who are currently serving in the military. Fans speculate that after these two members return from conscription, they will comeback either along with EXO or solo debuts like other members who have already debuted solo.

However, it is still uncertain if it is true or not because D.O himself is still serving in the military while Xiumin will soon be free of wamil in the near future. We as fans can only wait until both of them return to become civilians and reactiv as EXO members.

His performance in the MV made fans even more amazed by Kai’s dancing and singing skills. Currently (03/12/2020), MV Mmmh has been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube. This included a very fast record even though it was only four days released. This number will certainly continue to grow from day to day, month to month, year after year as long as anyone watches.

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