Kai EXO Will Soon Debut Solo, Note the Release Date of his Mini Album

Kai EXO Will Soon Debut Solo

Recently, SM Entertainment recently debuted a new girl group called Aespa which consists of four people. Now it’s the turn of one EXO member who will soon debut solo by releasing a mini album. The member is Kai Exo.

The news of Kai Exo’s debut certainly surprised many fans as well as delighted. With Kai’s solo debut, surely fans will return to see Kai’s performance on stage.

Previously, no one expected that jenny blackpink’s ex-boyfriend would make his solo debut because kai himself previously joined superm sub unit.

Kai EXO Debut Solo

The beginning of this solo debut news circulated known from the photo upload on Kai’s personal Instagram account. One of the photos uploaded is a caption and date related to Kai’s debut which will be released consecutively from November 10 to November 30, 2020. Each date will release content related to Kai’s solo debut.

Kai Exo, exo

The photos kai uploaded on his personal Instagram were accompanied by hashtags and captions in his photo that read #KAI, there are even uploads that do show there will be something new done by Kai. From these uploads that make exo or EXO-L fans assume that in the near future it is likely that Kai will debut with the album “KAI”.

Kai Exo, exo

Today, on November 26, 2020, Kai has uploaded three photos with a dark atmosphere and a little light lighting against the background of the meadow and building along with SM Entertainment has released a teaser video of Kai with the song titled “Mmmh”. The video also includes a description of the release time where KAI’s first mini album (賁)will be released on November 30, 2020 at 6PM KST or 16.00 WIB. The songs will be released on several music sites.

In the album KAI (ฐ) will contain interesting songs and of course quality, even Kai also participated in the recording of his debut album. Among the songs on the album, the title track is the song titled “Mmmh” which kai used for his solo debut. In addition, there are several other songs on the album including Nothing On Me, Reason, Ride or Die, Amnesia, and Hello Stranger.

Every song on this album is dominated by R&B music genre that is Kai’s own favorite genre and has its own meaning. For the song “Mmmh” which becomes a tittle track, the lyrics describe a person who is honest and confident in his feelings that he is attracted to the newly encountered opposite sex. Arguably these lyrics describe the existence of Love at the first sight or love at first sight. The song is backed up with simple yet addictive melodies that are addictive.

For other songs like Amnesia describes the feelings of someone who is in love and wants to forget the past to be filled with sweet memories with lovers. While the song titled Nothing On Me contains about a moment where a person will get drunk by a sweet fragrance when approaching the opposite sex.

The song is called Hello Stranger which is about a condition where someone feels similar in a stranger who has just met him for the first time. Surprisingly these two men were able to talk naturally to each other even though they had just met.

While the other two songs titled Reason and Ride or Die also have their own meanings. Reason’s song describes the growing interest in a person and the feeling of wanting to get to know that person more closely. While for ride or die song contains about the invitation to get out of bounds in order to enjoy all things desired without exception.

Kai Exo, exo

After the release of Kai’s music video teaser “Mmmh” on Youtube, the teaser has been watched more than one million times and it will continue to grow from day to day until the release of Kai’s mini album along with the music video “Mmmh” on Youtube. It could even increase even if the music video has been released.

The timing of the release of the first mini album for Kai EXO’s solo debut on several music sites coincided with the release of the mini album in the physical version so that fans could listen to all the songs on the KAI album as well as buy the physical album. So, wait until a few more days until you who are also EXO-L can enjoy the songs sung by Kai.

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