Karina Aespa Allegedly Endured Abuse, Son of Korean Presidential Candidate Floods Condemnation

Karina Aespa Allegedly Endured Abuse, Son of Korean Presidential Candidate Floods Condemnation

Lee Dong Ho who is the son of South Korean presidential candidate Lee Jae Myung was inundated with condemnation by Korean netizens. Lee Dong Ho is accused of harassing and making inappropriate comments about Karina Aespa and DJ Soda.

On Sunday, (2/1/2022), DJ Soda posted a screenshot of the news broadcast by a local television station. The photo, posted on @dj_soda_’s Twitter social media, featured headlines at the time with the captions: “Lee Jae Myung’s son ‘I want to eat Karina'” and “Lee Jae Myung’s son ‘I want to touch you DJ Soda’.”

Channel YouTube Garosero Research also discussed the controversy of the south Korean presidential candidate’s son in a live broadcast on the eve of the turn of the year, Friday (12/31/2021). DJ Soda also re-uploaded the video footage by Ga Se Yeon and Kim Se Eun. They judged Dong Ho had harassed Karina aespa and DJ Soda through his comments.

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Ga Se Yeon said that the indecent comments were written on Tuesday (19/10/2021). Do Ho wrote the comment after seeing a photo of DJ Soda on the gambling community’s website.

Then, he made inappropriate comments about because aespa on Sunday (12/12/2021) after seeing his photo on the same page. He wrote, “I really want to eat it once.”

The south Korean presidential candidate’s son was previously arrested for gambling in early 2022. He also apologized and said he was ashamed of his actions. He will also reflect on his mistakes.

The 29-year-old was also caught several times making inappropriate posts on gambling community pages and alluding to prostitution. When this news broke, fans urged Karina aespa and DJ Soda to sue her.

Karina reportedly dating Hyunjin Stray Kids

Previously Karina aespa was also the talk of netizens because it was said to be dating Hyunjin Stray Kids. Hyunjin allegedly used Karina’s selfie as her phone’s wallpaper.

A Korean netizen uploaded a screenshot of stray kids video featuring Hyunjin’s wallpaper on a community forum. The person in the phone wallpaper is thought to be Karina aespa.

Netizens also uploaded several photos of Karina to compare it with the wallpaper. However, his guess was missed after Hyunjin dismissed the news.

Tuesday (09/07/2021), Hyunjin indirectly denied the rumors. He revealed the wallpaper he used to fans.

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“Wallpaper of my phone,” she wrote, sending a screenshot of her wallpaper on the Bubble platform.

The photo depicts an illustration of a couple kissing.

“Sketches of all feelings after watching the drama,” he continued.

Apparently the sketch was made by Hyunjin after watching a romantic drama. This has denied the allegations of fans about the news of Hyunjin Stray Kids’ courtship with Karina aespa.

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