Airing In February 2021, KBS2 Released The First Teaser For The Drama “The Moon Rising River”

the moon rising river

After successfully establishing strong chemistry in their first Korean drama project titled“Page Turner”,Kim So Hyun and Ji so were reunited for the latest drama project. Both will play lead roles in the drama“The Moon Rising River”.

It is a play adapted from Folklore in Goguryeo. Set in the reign of Goguryeo, the drama will tell the story of a Goguryeo princess who aspires to be the first queen to lead Goguryeo, and she uses On Dal’s feelings for her to achieve her goals.

Synopsis of The Moon Rising River Drama

The drama tells the story of Pyeong Gang who is also known as Yeom Ga Jin (Kim So Hyun), a daughter of the King of Goguryeo. Since childhood, he has been trained to play swords and become a war soldier. He has a strong and ambitious determination. Pyeong Gang desperately wants her to be the first queen in the Kingdom of Goguryeo.

One day, he meets an ordinary man named On Dal (Ji so). On Dal has a sincere heart and loves Pyeong Gang. He is willing to do anything and will always protect Pyeong Gang. Unfortunately, Pyeong Gang uses On Dal’s feelings to achieve his goals.

More About The Moon Rising River Drama

Kim So Hyun and Ji so
The Moon Rising River Cast

Here is general information about The Moon Rising River which will air on Feb.

  • Title: The Moon Rising River
  • Genres: Historical, romance, drama
  • Director: Yoon Sang Ho
  • Author: Han Ji Hoon
  • Country: South Korea
  • Number of episodes: 20 episodes
  • Airtime: February 2021-?
  • Airtime: Monday – Tuesday
  • TV Station: KBS2

List of Players

the moon rising river, Ji soo, kim so hyun
Kim So Hyun as Pyeng Gang

The Monn Rising River is a drama by director Yoon Sang Ho, and written by screenwriter Han Ji Hoon.

Kim So Hyun is a child actress who started her career since 2006, and began stealing the public’s attention thanks to her acting as yoon bo kyung in the youth drama Moon Embracing The Sun (2012). Successful with a young lead role, Kim So Hyun is also believed to be the lead for the first time in the drama Who Are You: School 2015 (2015).

Since then, he has continued to receive offers as the lead. Some of his successful dramas include Let’s Fight Ghost (2016), The Emperor: Owner of The Mask (2017), Love Alarm (2019), and The Tale of Nokdu (2019).

Meanwhile, Ji so, who is Kim So Hyun’s co-star, is better known by the nickname“sadboy” thanks to his acting which is often the second lead male with a thrilling ending. The actor, who is based under the agency Keyeast Entertainment, made his debut in 2009 in a short film.

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Some of the dramas she has starred in are Angry Mom (2015), Sassy Go Go (2015), Moon Lover (2016), Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017), Bad Guys 2 (2017), and My First First Love (2019).

In addition to the two, several supporting actors who also co-starred in the drama, are:

  • Lee Ji Hoon (Go Geon)
  • Choi Yoo Hwa (Hae Mo Yong)
  • Wang Bit Na (Jin Bi)
  • Lee Hae Young (Pyo Go Won)

Well, there’s information about the drama The Moon Rising River. Watch the first teaser here!

Teaser The Moon Rising River

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