Kim Bo Kyung Closes Age After 11 Years Battling Cancer

Kim Bo Kyung Closes Age After 11 Years Battling Cancer

News of the grief came back from the South Korean entertainment industry. On February 2, 2021, actress Kim Bo Kyung passed away. Quoted from Naver, Bo Kyung is known since 11 years ago battling cancer.

According to the plan, Bo Kyung will be buried in Busan, but until now the grieving family still has not received any information about the beautiful actress’s passing for good. As is known, Bo Kyung debuted in the art world role in 1998 through a film called Naked Being. His name became known after starring in the film Taegukgi, until Before the Summer Passes Away.

The actress, who has died aged 44, also appeared on screen in a number of dramas, such as Just Love and Spotlight. She last appeared on screen in 2015 while starring in the drama Blood and playing the role of Choi Woo Sik’s wife. Throughout her career, Kim Bo Kyung has stolen attention through her acting and won several nominations and awards.

Although his name is no longer heard, Bo Kyung is a talented artist. This is evidenced by the nominations she won from the Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Newcomer Actress.

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Unfortunately, her acting talent was not shown again after she rarely starred in the show on screen. He chose to leave the entertainment world in 2012. And it Was Love became the last drama she starred in, at which time Bo Kyung was cast in the lead role as Choi Sun Jung.

In 2012, Kim Bo Kyung was rumored to have married a businessman who was one year younger than her. Both are Christians, making Kim Bo Kyung and her husband very close. Until now, condolences and prayers continue to flow for the passing of the actress who was born on April 3, 1976.

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