Kim Jung Hyun Proud of Mr. Queen’s Success

King Jung Hyun Proud to Be The Actor and Soundtrack of Mr. Queen Drama

After successfully starring in CLOY in 2019, Now Kim Jung Hyun is back in the lead role in the drama titled Mr.Queen. the drama was officially aired on Viu streaming media some time ago.

Since it first aired, the drama starring Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun has been in great demand by the audience. Even in its first airing, the Korean drama hific-comedy genre has received a high rating of 14.94 percent.

Mr. Queen, Kim Jung Hyun’s Seventh Drama

Mr. Queen, Kim Jung Hyun's Seventh Drama
Mr. Queen, Kim Jung Hyun’s Seventh Drama

The seventh film, starring Kim Jung Hyun, is themed around the royal atmosphere in the Joseon era. In the film, Kim Jung Hyun plays a king named Cheoljong who is married to a queen named Kim So Yong.

Mr. Queen tells the story of queen Kim So Yong whose body is possessed by the soul of a royal chef who is a man. Not only have to adjust to the body of Queen Kim So Yong, this royal chef also changed his status to become a queen in joseon era. On the other hand, Kim Jung Hyun was an invisible king who played an important role in the royal life at that time. King Cheoljong who at that time became a legitimate king but could not carry out his duties properly.

He feared that he would become a useless king and would only be the king who got the order or the puppet king. King Cheoljong wanted his death to be remembered by the rest of the kingdom because he once served for the palace. Therefore, King Cheoljong began to prepare plans for drastic improvements that he would make to the palace.

Although King Cheoljong became the rightful king at that time, Queen Sunwon, the wife of King Sunjo-father of King Cheoljong was still very ambitious to lead, so during his reign, King Cheoljong was only a puppet king by Queen Sunwon who was his own mother. King Cheoljong presided over queen Sunwon’s wishes.

The king, who looks helpless, actually has hidden and undisclosed powers. In this film, the soul of the royal chef who possessed Queen Kim So Yong will reveal all the hidden powers of King Cheoljong. That would lead to opposition.

Filling mr. Queen’s Sountrack

Kim-Jung-Hyun Fills Mr. Queen's Sountrack
Filling mr. Queen’s Sountrack

In addition to being talented in the world of film, Kim Jung Hyun is also talented in the art world, namely music. Last Saturday (13/02), Big Ocean ENM said that in addition to playing a king, Kim Jung Hyun will be the soundtrack of Mr. Queen’s drama Like The First Snow.

“Actor Kim Jung Hyun, who played Cheoljong in the drama, took part in the OST‘Like The First Snow’. The song will be released on February 17, 2021.” enm.s. Big Ocean.

Not only the soundtrack,the actor born in 1990 is also a lyricist of the song Like The First Snow which will be the sountrack of the drama Mr.Queen that he starred in.

This song tells about a man’s desire to be with someone when it snows for the first time. Kim jung hyun sings this song with great fanness so that the meaning contained in each song’s lyrics can be conveyed well. Kim Jung Hyun managed to amaze the audience with his melodious voice and good looks.

“Mr. Queen’s star will personally contribute to the drama’s soundtrack, and has gotten a lot of love from the audience.” Big Ocean ENM said.

Mr. Queen’s Drama Involving Him

Mr. Queen's Drama Involving Him
Mr. Queen’s Drama Involving Him

Mr. Queen is based on the work by Park Gye-Ok created by Dragon Studio. The film, directed by Yoon Sung Shik, consists of 20 episodes and will end on Sunday (02/14). In addition to Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun, the film also received support from Seol In A who played the first love and a concubine of King Cheoljong named Jo Hwa Jin, and Kim-Tae-Woo who played the younger sister of Queen Sunwon named Kim Jwa Geun who has strong ambitions to rule the kingdom just like her sister, Queen Sunwon.

In addition to being cast in the Korean drama Mr. Queen, Kim Jung Hyun has previously been successful as an actor in several films, such as: Jealously Incarnate (2016), Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People (2017), School (2017), Welcome To Wakiki (2018), Time (2018), And Crash Landing On You (2019).

He successfully studied at the National Art University of Korea – Acting Department and became an agent on Q&Entertaiment.

The actor, who is originally from south Korea, has been active since 2014 until now. During his career, Kim Jung Hyun has achieved many achievements, one of which is: being the winner of the 36th MBC Drama Award in the Best New Actor category in 2017 and being nominated for Best New Actor (TV) at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2018.

Kim Jung Hyun was named best actor at the Okinawa film festival in 2013. In addition to starring in various films, he also has a video clip titled Lucky Guy.

His early successes can now make his career go up. His experiences made him more resplendent and reached his suskes point.

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