Replace Kim Seon Ho, Na In Woo As Permanent Members of Variety Show 2 Days and 1 Night

Replace Kim Seon Ho, Na In Woo As Permanent Members of Variety Show 2 Days and 1 Night

Na In Woo will be a permanent member of variety show 2 Days and 1 Night. The announcement was made directly by Korean TV station KBS2. Production director Bang Geul Yi said Na In Woo’s presence will add new energy to the program.

“Actor Na In Woo has been confirmed as a permanent member and will join the show’s journey forward,” KBS2 quoted Harold Economy as saying via Naver, Tuesday (1/25/2022).

“In addition to being an actor, we look forward to seeing Na In Woo give viewers a laugh with a diverse charm including unique qualities and energy as an entertainer. Please look forward to the freshness and energy of a budding entertainer in his 20s,” said Bang Geul Yi.

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Bang Geul Yi also said he was looking forward to the new chemistry to be built between Na In Woo and the other 2 Days 1 Night members. This is because this one actor will be the youngest member of the television program after being in ravi VIXX.

“There will be a variety of pleasures created when a new relationship is formed. Please look forward to what kind of chemistry Na In Woo will show with the other members from Yeon Jung-hoon, as the oldest member to Ravi who has been the youngest member.”

Na In Woo replaces Kim Seon Ho

2 Days and 1 Night is a Korean variety show that aired on KBS since 2007. Since its premiere, the show has always been hosted by six members. In this season, which began in 2019, 2 Days 1 Night was also hosted by six people, namely, Kim Jong Min, Yeon Jeong Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Seon Ho, Dindin and Ravi.

In October 2021, Kim Seon Ho quit the show after being involved in an abortion scandal against her former lover. The show is still airing, but only with five members. Until finally, the production team announced Na In Woo will be the sixth member.

Na In Woo is a young Korean actor whose name is crawling up. She became known after starring in the drama Mr. Queen as Kim Byeong In.

After the success of the drama Mr. Queen,the owner of the real name Na Jong Chan was chosen to play the character of On Dal in Kdrama River Where the Moon Rises previously played by Ji so.

Thanks to her action in the drama River Where the Moon Rises,she won two awards at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

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